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Perugia dog

Perugia: dog waits for owner at emergency Room, touching the Web

It’s always difficult not to look with tenderness at the affection between a dog and its faithful human friend. This is the story that comes from Perugia (Umbria), when Mr. Italo went to the emergency room with his mixed-breed dog named Francesco, moving nurses, doctors, and quickly the web.

Story shared by an emergency room employee

The loyal four-legged friend waited for hours outside the triage door, waiting for his owner to finally return home with him. Nurses and people in the waiting room were amazed by the dog’s typical behavior. Apparently, the dog didn’t move from there for all the hours of the visit, wagging his tail at every passerby leaving the triage.

The charming event was immediately shared on social media by an emergency room employee. “We have so much to learn from dogs. Love, loyalty, taking care of those we love day after day, in everyday life, with small gestures. Above all, we must take care of those we love. Love must be nurtured.” These are the words accompanying the social media post, garnering lots of appreciation for the cute dog and his owner.

Dog Perugia
The dog Francesco

The dog with the watch

Francesco, a somewhat funny name for a dog, is a true mascot of Perugia. Many have met him during his walks in the historic center of the city, and apparently, he’s also heavily photographed by tourists for a small detail. Francesco wears a watch on his right paw, with an alarm set to remind the dog to come home for food. The owner, very fond of his furry friend, is thus very happy to prepare his favorite dish after wandering around the city center along Corso Vannucci, liver and onion. There are even those who swear they’ve seen Francesco alone on a bus, in short, he’s a true idol and social media don’t easily forget their heroes.

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