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Installed in Italy a wind phone to “talk” to the departed

A moment of introspection, silence, and liberation for those who approach using the wind phone (telefono del vento in Italian), without wires and coins to pay. The wind phone is an initiative that originated in Japan and has also reached the province of Pisa. The telephone booth, which is normal in every way, is special. It was built to allow you to continue “speaking” with your dearly departed.

The Italian Wind Phone is located in Capannoli, Pisa

The first wind phone was conceived by designer Itaru Sasaki, who built it in 2010 to continue “speaking” with his cousin. The tsunami destroyed it the following year, but the charitable initiative was not buried forever. The idea was soon emulated even on the other side of the world, such as in California, Colorado, and Ireland.

The original phone boot in Japan

Photographer Marco Vanni brought the wind phone to Italy, to a farm in Capannoli, in the province of Pisa. This splendid initiative that connects telephone booths in various parts of the world has made a message of hope its mantra. A famous Indian saying goes, “If you want Heaven to know it, tell it to the wind”…

The booth does not occupy a random position. The installation took place on the highest hill on the land, inspired by the sound of the wind while observing the landscape surrounding the hill. Here, you can stop, breathe, listen to yourself, and free yourself from the burdens you have never been able to let go of with words.

Stretching to the top of the hill, the wireless phone is highly appreciated, and visitors use it as a moment of purification and liberation. In conclusion, here you can discover your inner self and release it, “confiding” with your sadly departed loved ones.

Finally, at the moment, this is the only publicly known wind phone that we are aware of. But nothing prevents others scattered around Italy, used in a more intimate, more private manner, from having a moment of tranquility with those we hold dear in our hearts.

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