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Argo, the dog burned alive

Monument to commemorate Aron, the dog burned alive

In Palermo, a monument is set to be installed in honor of Aron, the dog who was burned alive by his owner on January 14th. The 46-year-old, homeless at the time, had tied his puppy to a pole and set him on fire on a sidewalk in the historic center of the Sicilian capital. The immediate alarm was raised by law enforcement, volunteer associations, animal rights groups, and various institutions, along with the involvement of the healthcare sector.

Popular psychosis and surge in false reports

On the same day, as reconstructed from the events, neighbors had already reported to the authorities the case of the dog left tied to a pole during heavy rainfall.

The alarm was raised around 10:00 PM by some passersby and residents who noticed the dog tied to the pole and, unfortunately, engulfed in flames. After law enforcement intervention, the innocent Aron was taken to a veterinary clinic in the hope of being treated, despite severe burns covering 80% of his body surface. Unfortunately, the treatments were unsuccessful.

Protest for the Dog Burned Alive – Credit

Since the news broke, several false reports emerged from frightened pet owners who saw in every passerby with slightly obscure features a hypothetical animal abuser. Palermo quickly fell into a wave of psychosis and fear, fearing a man who could harm their four-legged friends. The 46-year-old remains confined to a psychiatric facility.

Social Media reactions and monument reception

The AIDAA (Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment) is clear on implementing a necessary change of direction. The government has been urged to issue an immediate decree imposing penalties of up to 10 years in prison for those committing such heinous crimes against animals. On the other hand, some oppose the instrumentalization of the tragic death of little Aron. Exploiting an unjust death for political gain is a vile and shameful move, as expressed by the city councilor.

It is undeniable that, despite the noble initiative and the beautiful gesture of the monument, it has not been well received due to criticisms regarding the use of funds. Many believe that financial resources should be directed towards more useful causes, such as helping stray dogs or supporting animal shelters. Social media has been divided on the Palermo monster issue, with some seeking cold revenge and others simply wanting justice to take its course. In addition to the monument, there is a demand for harsher penalties, and it remains to be seen whether, after the installation of the statue, the voices of the people will find a more attentive ear from the authorities.

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