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Jannick Sinner is the first Italian to win the Australian Open
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Jannick Sinner is the first Italian to win the Australian Open

January 28, 2024: A new page in the world of tennis has been written in green, white, and red. A success awaited many and was already in the air. Jannick Sinner has made history by triumphing over the Polish player Daniil Medvedev. The current number 3 in the world could not hinder the ascent of our athlete on Australian soil, granting him his 11th triumph in his luminous and precocious career.

Epic come back for the South Tyrolean

Finally, after an incredible year and exponential physical and mental growth, the young man born in August 16, 2001, emerged deservedly victorious from the red clay. An undertaking far from simple, as we all would have expected. It was almost 4 hours of the match and a somewhat subdued start that certainly did not foreshadow such a sweet ending. Sinner did not give up and brought home a substantial prize (around 3 million Australian dollars). He is the third Italian to win a Grand Slam title in men’s singles after two Italian tennis legends, Pietrangeli and Panatta. No Italian had ever triumphed in Melbourne—a success and a record that he can savor like in the most beautiful of fairy tales—after the unbelievable comeback against the Polish Daniil Medvedev, as shown by the scores of 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3.

It is an ascent that, looking back at the past, cannot help but be moving and evokes immense pride for the young champion, who just 3 years ago was in the 37th position in the world rankings.

Men’s Singles Ceremony | Jannik Sinner v Daniil Medvedev | Australian Open 2024 Final

We can only savor his words right after the match victory, the words of a great and humble champion like him: “I want to congratulate Medvedev; he played exceptionally well. Every match makes me a stronger player; he was fantastic in this tournament. I wish him to win this trophy one day. I must thank the tournament and all those who make the event special. […] The fans were exceptional; I felt at home. There are 15,000 people, but they seem like many more. I wish all children to live this dream and have the opportunity that my parents gave me. That’s all; see you next year!”

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