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First time in Italy: newborn operated on during cesarean section for throat tumor

A remarkable story emerges from the Bambin Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome: during a cesarean section, a newborn underwent successful surgery for a throat tumor. Thanks to timely intervention, the newborn is doing well and is now with his family, without any postoperative complications.

First case in Italy of Exit-to-ECMO cesarean section

This case was unique for Italy as well, as the tumor afflicting the newborn was of such large dimensions (as can be seen), extending from the shoulder to the chin, making breathing impossible after birth. The challenge for the doctors was immense: the tumor, the size of the fetus’s head, had already compromised the main airways. Though benign, it was crucial to remove it promptly, considering the inability to breathe immediately after birth.

To address this situation, the medical team decided to adopt an innovative technique called EXIT-to-ECMO, never been performed in Italy. This procedure involved partial extraction of the fetus during the cesarean section, allowing pediatric surgeons to connect the newborn to an extracorporeal circulation circuit, ensuring adequate oxygen supply through the placenta and umbilical cord.

Pediatric Hospital Bambin Gesù in Rome
Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù (Hospital) in Rome | Credit

Within hours of birth, the baby underwent a surgical tumor removal operation, lasting 7 hours and performed with the support of extracorporeal circulation. This extraordinary surgical success, occurring just 3 days after birth, represents a milestone in the field of neonatal medicine and surgery.

The skill and experience of the medical team, led by some of the hospital’s top specialists, made this life-saving operation possible. The baby can now look to the future with optimism, surrounded by the love of their family and the care of the professionals who made their miraculous surgical intervention possible.

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