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Saetta is the New Robot Dog Enlisted by the Carabinieri

It’s not a science fiction movie or a bizarre episode from some apocalyptic series. It’s the recent frontier in technology developed by the Carabinieri. A brand-new robot dog has just been enlisted to reduce danger for Carabinieri and military personnel during the most challenging operational situations.

Saetta: The Most Obedient Dog, Even More than the Flesh-and-Blood Ones

Innovation also means raising the safety standards for military personnel in the most risky contexts: the Carabinieri welcome the robot dog Saetta! This is how the world was introduced to this first model, raising our expectations for its performance.

The Italian Police emphasize that Saetta’s enlistment is not aimed at replacing Carabinieri or K-9 units. This groundbreaking innovation allows for greater success in situations of great complexity and danger for our armed forces.

The name Saetta is derived from the symbols on the sides of first-response vehicles, with the traditional red and blue livery. This robot dog results from an innovation process that aims to advance various fields, from healthcare to public safety.

cane robot
Saetta has the colors of the army of the Italian Carabinieri Credit

A Fusion of High Engineering and Innovation

Saetta can be remotely controlled up to 150 meters away via a tablet, but that’s not all. It can navigate through rugged and winding terrain, facilitating the missions of on-duty personnel and reaching places where traditional or tracked vehicles are unable to go.

Thanks to innovative and state-of-the-art equipment systems, it can detect the presence of radioactive or contaminating agents, as well as locate unexploded bombs or devices underground. This is a significant step for securing entire city areas in the presence of highly dangerous unexploded fireworks.

Among the major changes and improvements introduced by the Carabinieri with this innovation, we cannot overlook its robotic arm. An extremely strong and functional robotic arm that enables the opening of doors and the supply of equipment to personnel unable to move.

carabinieri saetta robot cane
Saetta is the new robot dog enlisted by the police | Credit

An Additional Layer of Security in Anticipation of the Jubilee 2025

Among the various tasks and missions that the powerful Saetta will accomplish in the coming years, managing the Jubilee in 2025 is undoubtedly one of them. The event in Rome will attract millions of believers, and Saetta’s enlistment will raise security standards.

In the pursuit of innovation, the Carabinieri have not only introduced a remarkable robotic companion that enhances their capabilities but has also demonstrated a commitment to elevating safety standards in the face of complex challenges. As Saetta gears up to play a pivotal role in managing the Jubilee in 2025, it exemplifies the fusion of cutting-edge technology and tradition, ensuring a safer and more secure future for both the military and civilian populations.

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