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Verona tech-free restaurant
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Verona, tech-free restaurant: the beauty of dining without a smartphone

The city of love has embraced a new concept of dining, challenging the frenzy and constant need to distract ourselves with social media on our phones. In a society where it’s more common to see two people sitting at the same table eating without exchanging a word, preferring to ignore each other and focus on their phones. This initiative of a new restaurant in Verona represents a beautiful challenge.

At “Il Condominio” restaurant, there is only one rule

At Il Condominio, a name not chosen by chance for a restaurant that aims to create a human-sized convivial atmosphere, there is only one rule. Those who don’t use their cellphones throughout the meal receive a complimentary bottle of wine. This complimentary gesture encapsulates, albeit in a simple act, the message from the restaurateur: it’s an invitation to enjoy a moment of relaxation, appreciating simple dialogues with other diners and moments that often go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Today, we are always in a rush, there’s no longer time to enjoy a good glass of wine with a friend or partner without thinking about anything else. Here, they invite you to stop and savor the moment. Always being reachable or with our minds elsewhere is extremely taxing for us. Typically, we see couples who prefer to post pictures of their dishes on social media rather than communicate with each other. This is the noble and revolutionary message that Il Condominio‘s founders convey through their dishes.

Verona tech free restaurant
Leave your phone in the mailbox!

The new generations accept the challenge

Change is not always well received. Paradoxically, millennials and the new generations seem to have appreciated the Verona initiative more. Those who accept the challenge can leave their cell phones in a locked mailbox near the table. The proposition to enjoy some time at the table without interruptions or distractions, looking each other in the eye as was once done, is worth more than the simple effort of unplugging a bit. Those over 45, on the other hand, seem to be more resistant to the change at the moment. Open to honest and helpful feedback, the owners welcome their customers’ responses to the new proposal. Reviews can indeed be left in the same mailbox when one retrieves their cell phone.

A menu tailored to humans (and paper)

The menu at Il Condominio certainly can’t be anything other than a paper menu! If you step foot in Verona, forget about the digital menu, or the famous QR code. Moreover, the proposal laid out aims to make the environment as human-sized as possible. The restaurant’s name already conveys the message, but it doesn’t end there. The classic condominiums inspire the entire menu you can find in an Italian (but also elsewhere!) building. The appetizers include “Those from the first floor,” “The gardener,” “The crazy one.” Among the first courses, you can’t miss “The voyeur,” “The spy,” and the international dish, “The foreigner.”

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