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robotic bar in Italy
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In Turin debuts Shaker, the first robotic bar in Italy

A new approach with the customer and especially a new way to enjoy an evening sipping a drink arrives in Turin. The robotic mind of Toni Compatto (the robot bartender) is entrusted with the arduous task of satisfying customers at every whim. Italy’s first robotic bar is more than just a passing trend; the well-structured program has a long-term project in mind to modernize the lifestyle of Italians.

You know, in Italy, the bar is a relic, a piece of ours, and such will remain forever, but apparently, with a little innovation along the way.

Toni Compatto can prepare up to 60 cocktails per hour

It made its debut on April 11 – via Carlo Alberto 11 – right in the center of Turin. Toni Compatto is ready to outdo the competition with skill and speed, offering an experience never seen before, at least in Italy, to its customers. The robot will be operational every day from 8 am to 11 pm for every occasion, such as aperitifs, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It will be an interesting challenge to see the overlap of different reactions, coming from completely different generations and cultures. Generation Z and over-50s curious to try something different.

robotic bar in Italy
The Robot Toni Compatto | Credit

It is important to emphasize the premise put forward by the venue’s managers: technology, at least in this establishment, will not replace human creativity, but will instead be a way to make it flourish and support it. The bar manager will always accompany the robot Toni Compatto to personalize customer choices and ensure a pleasant experience.

An innovative project for the new generations

It is often difficult to adapt to change, especially when faced with a well-trained robot. This is the mission of Carlo Ratti and Emanuele Rossetti, CEOs behind the innovative project. Essentially, the task is to free bartenders from the most repetitive and boring operations, favoring human contact and the bartender-client relationship. Therefore, Toni Compatto is a critical ally of the venue’s staff, composed of 6 people, who will manage the room and personalize the user experience.

In a respectable man-machine collaboration, the order could not be placed in any other way than through a tablet! The company aims to expand, also launching a dedicated app to improve the consumer experience. After the mechanical arm prepares the cocktail, you can enjoy it at the counter or in the room like in a regular bar.

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