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Clothing for Dogs: HalloDog

Italian Companies like HalloDog are Getting into the Big Business of Dog Clothing & Accessories

Many people these days see their pets–dogs and cats especially–as part of their family, so it’s no surprise that many pet owners look to fit their beloved pooches and kittens in adorable clothes. The desire to dress Fido up  doesn’t just extend to sweaters, bows or booties, but also to accessories that range from beds to leashes.  Italians are in love with their four legged friends, and Italian businesses are jumping into the ring of pet fashion with great alacrity. One such company is Italy’s HalloDog, which bills itself as a luxury boutique for pets, specializing in high end fashion and accessories for the furrier members of your family.

“Oro Glam” Fur-Trimmed Gold Parka for Dogs

Dog clothing, or abbigliamento per cani in Italian, is a rapidly growing market all over the world. Life in Italy will be focusing on some of the Italian manufacturers and retailers of such fashions, the first being HalloDog, whose website states their mission is “to offer a wide variety of high fashion and quality items, which are the trendiest in the Italian market.” Their target demographic are people “who are lovers of the new dog trend and connoisseurs of luxury in general.” HalloDog offers clothing, “bijoux” (decorated necklaces, collars and pendants), dog bags and travel units, luxe bowls (ciotole), collars, leashes, couches and dog beds, as well as items for grooming, treats, and other pet gadgets. HalloDog has been featured in magazines like Italy’s Country & Country, and on websites like Style.it, while their own site even allows you to search for items designed for certain breeds like Chihuahuas, Maltese and Pinschers.

The Luxe “Lulu” Portable Dog Food Holder


HalloDog promises made-in-Italy pet fashions of the highest quality, with new styles introduced every six months or so. If you live in colder climates a jacket or sweater is likely practical, especially if you have a smaller dog, although many of these pet fashions are just as much–if not more so–for looks as they are for function and necessity. Take the black “Grand Galà” dress, which is billed as a special occasion dress for dogs, as well as the white “Cerimonia” style that is designed for people who would like their four-legged friend to participate in their wedding. Outerwear ranges from the quilted “Oro Glam” bomber in shiny gold, to the white faux fur “Chantal” coat, which includes a black belt. Is your dog sophisticated? Then you’ll want a trench complete with plaid scarf. Get more of a Western vibe from your pet? Try the “Texas” jacket with belt and fringe. You can also purchase raincoats, sweaters and t-shirts that range in styles from camo-print tanks to ones emblazoned with messages like “Love.” And don’t forget the hats! If your dog’s natural fur just isn’t enough you can always pick them up a fur-trimmed cappello.


At HalloDog the accessories available for your pets are wide and varied. From pearl necklaces decorated with bows, crowns and hearts, to diamante-studded collars, “hair” accessories, and collar charms. If you’d like a bag to tote your pup around in, the choices are also endless: If you like classic black there is the “Basic Noir,” while the “Maku Style” is a bag in this season’s uber hot leopard print. There are also several closed options better suited for travel. Of course, every dog needs a collar and you can grab one from the “Petite Peste” line that includes bows, lace and a bone charm decorated with Swarovski crystals–the luxe products even come gift wrapped in stylish zebra-print boxes. And if you’re going to such trouble to dress and accessorize your dog then a trendy leash is also in order. HalloDog offers options in a range of different colors and fabrics, many even matching the collars and clothes on sale.

The “Sissi” Cake-Inspired Dog Bowl

Every dog and cat needs to eat, but who says they can’t do it in style? HalloDog has bowls in styles like the “Diamante”–black ceramic encrusted with chunky crystals–as well as “Cuori Lux,” which are black and white bowls decorated with large gold hearts, and “Bau-Berry” bowls painted in a take on the traditional Burberry tartan pattern, available in different colors. If you’re looking for a bed for your sweet pet you also have a range of options available to you. The “Casual Nera” Cuccia is a laidback design in soft black fabric with a luxe faux fur interior, while the elegant “Charme” features a lustrous floral outside and a tufted red velvet cushion inside. You or your pooch a bit preppy? The red “Charleston” bed features a classic tartan pillow. Got a diva on your hands? The animal print “Princess Striata” even comes complete with a crown-shaped throw pillow. These are just some of the myriad options when it comes to pet accessories, which also include everything from toys to blankets.

Fit for A King: HalloDog’s “Trono Gatto Lux” Pet Bed

Some of the most popular items on the HalloDog site include the patchwork “Pink Story” cradle-style bed and perfumed bath lotion, a carpet decorated with a large red heart and boxed gift sets for doggy birthdays and Christmas. It is obvious by the products and prices on the HalloDog site–not to mention the popularity of the items–that lavishing your four-legged friend with goodies is really catching on in Italy. So if you’re visiting the country don’t be surprised to see people toting their little princes and princesses in leopard-print bags while the dogs are wearing hair ribbons, jeweled collars and fur-trimmed belted parkas. And while the popularity of some of these items probably says more about the owner than they ever will about the pet, such is the life of a pampered Italian pooch!

All photos courtesy of www.hallodog.com

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