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More Tuscany and Umbria Bicycle Tours

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Bike tours around the Central Italy regions of Tuscany and Umbria can be very exciting and adventurous way of exploring the scenic landscape this place is famous for. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to find interesting places on your own and even stop at some nice cafes and restaurants on the way to enjoy some amazing food.  Both Tuscany and Umbria have a fascinating history and culture and a cycling journey around these places can be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. If you are planning to tour these regions using a bicycle, then there are many options, which are available here including traveling on your own with a group of friends. You can even bring your own bike or rent them, if you wish to explore the fascinating regions of Tuscany and Umbria.


There are plenty of commercial bike tour operators found in both Tuscany and Umbria that provide some great services to bikers. Most of these bike tour companies can offer assistance to their customers by arranging for their flights and provide bikes for rent. Besides, they may also be able to make hotel reservations and suggest some of the best places to stay while traveling along the roads and trails of Central Italy. Of course, all these services come with a price but they are mostly suitable for first time bikers or people who lack enough experience in biking. The most economical way of exploring Tuscany and Umbria on cycle tours is to have your own bicycle equipment and move around freely. It gives you the freedom to discover the places at your own pace and choose to stay in places where you wish to stay. You can even choose to travel based on the local weather conditions and climate which makes commuting much flexible as compared to paid bike tours.

Best Time for a Cycling Trip

The best time to go on bike tours around Central Italy is from April to November and in terms of weather and season, May through October is a good time to enjoy the scenic surroundings. Based on the itinerary of the places which you wish to explore, you need to decide on the right time to go on a cycling tour. If you are planning to travel to destinations such as Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, then May or October would be the best season as it is likely to be less crowded around this time. Besides, you can also find places to stay around here more easily during these times.


Discover Tuscany and Umbria on a Bike

A bicycling tour around the scenic regions of Tuscany and Umbria can be a fascinating way of discovering the medieval towns and the surrounding countryside. You can pass through the vineyards and enjoy the beauty of the hillside along these regions. You can start the cycling tour from Assisi in Umbria and explore enchanting places around this historic place of the Middle Ages. Umbria is regarded as the “Green Heart” of Italy where you can traverse through valleys covered by vineyards and olive trees. Moreoever, you can also explore the old walled cities along with Etruscan tombs including the Renaissance art of this region. You can even have a delicious hazelnut chocolate treat from Perugia and enjoy its lip smacking taste.


Explore Tuscany on your cycling tour surrounded by lovely farmhouses and green fields covered by Cypress trees around this beautiful region. You can pass by the lovely vineyards and watch the calm and serene country roads to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunflower in pastel shades shining in the sunlight. You can even go through several wine regions along this area and explore some of the best towns of the hillside. It can be really fun and adventurous to go through the narrow lanes and see some majestic cathedrals on the way. You can stop at some nice café shop and even a restaurant to have some quick bite and enjoy the lovely bike ride.


You can plan your cycling itinerary in such a way so that it covers most of the places around Umbria and Tuscany regions. Travel to Spello on your journey to discover this fascinating town of Roman origin and make sure to visit Bevagna, which is a small village for some nice wine tasting experience.  You can also cycle further to reach Deruta well known for its ceramics. On the next day’s journey, you can visit Lake Trasimeno to catch a glimpse of some of the migratory birds found here. Then for the next day, you can plan your journey towards Tuscany and visit Montepulciano, which is one of the best hilltop towns around this region. You can also see some fascinating Renaissance architecture in this place.


You may also travel to Pienza on your cycling tour on the next day where you can see some great palaces and churches. Don’t miss the journey along the Crete landscape, which is world renowned because of its rolling hills in different shades along with lovely farmhouses and mansions covering this region. You can also take a journey across the vineyards on the way to Montalcino and taste some excellent Brunello wine here. Visit the abbey of Saint Antimo, which is a 12th century church in this region and travel further to Siena, one of the renowned medieval cities and marvelous destination here.


A Biking journey along Tuscany and Umbria gives a splendid opportunity to explore the vast hills and landscape of this region. It is most economical way of visiting the lovely countryside and enjoy a delightful experience of seeing some of the best towns in Italy. Such journeys are good for travelers who love some thrill and adventure and wish to see places on their own. If you are an inexperienced biker, then commercial biking tours may be a good option where all the travel arrangements are taken care by such companies and you can enjoy the luxury of traveling on a cycle.

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