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Italian regions

Italian regions, the local news from the peninsula

Diamonds found in Campania, tortures in a San Gimignano jail, hashish and cars in Umbria. Here’s what the locals are talking about in these Italian regions.

Local buzz from Naples, Campania

For this unidentified man, it was just a normal grocery shopping day at GranGusto, the local market. On February 20th, he entered the store of Via Marina, in Naples.

The moment happens while the grey-haired man moves from one fridge to the next, perhaps from the frozen vegetables to the ice cream. The surveillance cameras have the whole scene on tape. A small bag drops from the pocket of the jacket as he walks away.

He doesn’t trip on it nor does he feel suddenly lighter. In fact, he just walks out of the store. Curious, the staff picked up the bag. Even more curious was what they found. True and beautiful diamonds, with the certificate of authenticity still inside. The estimated value? A stunning 50.000 euro, almost $61.000.

Italian news
Ops, I dropped again. Image via Fan Page.

As if this story couldn’t get any weirder, the man didn’t return to claim the diamonds. And no one recognized him as a customer. Since he hasn’t been identified yet, the precious stones are in safe custody.

The speculations abound. Is he a clumsy thief or are the diamonds fake?

Italian regions, the local buzz in Tuscany

New region, new and very different issue. In fact, 10 agents of the jail in San Gimignano have been condemned. Their crime? Torture.

The facts date back to 2018, when the agents were accused of beating an inmate. Five more are still waiting for their sentence. So far, the perpetrators have been condemned to various sentences, varying from 2 years and 3 months to 2 years and 8 months. Furthermore, they will have to give $80.000 to the victim.

The events

The 15 agents went to grab the inmate from his cell, all of them wearing gloves. The victim taught he was going to the showers, so he grabbed his slippers and towel.

Instead, he was dragged to solitary where he was beaten.

“They pulled his pants down,” another inmate told La Repubblica, “he fell and they kept beating him. I could hear his screams. When he passed out, they left.”

The victim refused to report the incident and even the medical visits. When the staff asked what had happened to this brow, he blamed it on an accidental fall. One brave worker of the penitentiary reported it to the courts. That’s when the investigation began.

Until it led to these sentences, for torture, violence, and cruelty.

Umbria, he was carrying hashish in the engine compartment

Italian regions

He was driving along the route E45 near Città di Castello when the police stopped him. He seemed anxious and scared. Too suspicious. So, the agents made a deeper check.

Surprise, surprise, in the motor compartment the police found 26 kg of hashish, or 57 pounds. The estimated value is 130.000 euro ($157.000), more than the dropped diamonds of Naples.

The man was arrested and he’s now awaiting sentencing.

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