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Italian local news

Local news from Italy, curious events

Italian local news. From an interesting law suit in Tuscany to smart thieves in Veneto.

Italian local news

The talk of the town in Tuscany

In Italy, the word “terrone” is a derogatory term. It indicates people from the South of Italy and it’s used by the northerners. The word symbolizes laziness and other not-so nice adjectives.

On the other hand, the Accademia della Crusca is an Italian institution. Its work focuses on linguistics and semantics. Any new term, the Accademica recognizes and it gives the term a definition. Including “terrone.”

Except, the engineer Mister Terrone disagrees. He sued the institution. His claim? Stop using and describing the word as a derogative. To the engineer, this is a battle of civility. in fact, he wants the Accademia to include the positive connotation. Aka the richness of the South.

The institution replied on its website. “It’s absurd to make the Crusca pay for the derogatory use of the term. It can’t be erased, although we have criticized it.”

Saving toads in Piedmont

Italian local news

As the temperature rises, so does the population of toads. These tiny animals are in danger, especially in the streets of Piedmont. They jump in traffic and, often, they are the defenseless victims of cars.

Hence, the 2021 campaign to protect them and to raise awareness. The Funzione Tutela Fauna e Flora is in charge of this. And counselor Barbara Azzarà has a few ideas to make the campaign successful.

“On crowded routes, the only thing we can do is place warning signs,” Azzarà said, “in less dangerous locations, we put nets to direct the toads to protected areas.”

Let’s save these tiny animals, shall we?

Italian local news, the latest from Veneto

They wanted to rob the cashier of the gas station. The thieves tried using a tower crane to destroy the cashier. Instead of finding the cash, they destroyed the columns of the gas station, all of them.

Law enforcements and the fire fighters arrived right away. The tower crane was damaged. More damages caused oil spills.

Still, the criminals had already escaped. Only one hour before this attack, another gas station was destroyed. And the thieves ran away with the cash. There are still no leads on the names.

Italian local news
The damage at the gas station

One of the latest news from Italy is the Giro d’Italia 2021 route. Find out the tour here.

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