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Florence Video

Florence Video

lorence – Firenze Touristic Video The masterpiece of the Renaissance, Florence is a living tribute to the creative era between the 13th and 16th centuries that produced some of the world’s greatest artists. A respect for art allows outdoor statues to remain unharmed. High qualityhand made leather goods and jewellery items fill the fabulous stores and narrow decorative streets attract strollers intent on the enjoyment of life.

Florence Video

And now let’s see the Florence Vacation Travel Guide created by Expedia. A perfectly made inspiration to see the beauty of Florence, with all its magical places. Discover the city of Dante, Machiavelli, and Michelangelo. The city where Leonardo da Vinci learned to paint. Also the city of the famous Medici family, who have built many still-standing buildings that now function as museums.

Explore the Palazzo Vecchio, the Palazzo Pitti, and the Academia, where da Vinci’s David statue is kept safe. Don’t forget the Palazzo Uffizzi either! The Centro Storico of Florence, the art, the beautiful architecture that you’ll find in Florence can be found nowhere else! Every street reflects the Renaissance ages, that amazing art, and the poetry. Sculptures, magical views, amazing palaces, gardens, great food, and amazing views. Of course, we can’t skip the famous bridge either, the Ponte Vecchio that survived WW2 as well! Florence is pure magic soaked with Renaissance.

To learn more about Florence, the things to do in the city, and everything in between, have a look around on our website. You can read about hidden gems, travel guides to Florence, and much more! The capital city of Tuscany is a place that everyone who loves art and culture must see at least once in their lifetimes! There’s no place like Florence!

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