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Driving in Italy, videos to inspire you

Driving in Italy can give you headaches, even more in big cities, like Rome or Milan. Here, traffic is chaotic and there seem to be no rules. 

Driving in Italy

Road trips are fun, but traveling by car can be complicated. Especially in Italy, moving up and down villages or in cities. Here’s some advice for travelers driving in Italy.

You can also find all the up-to-date rules and regulations on the official website of the Italian Highways. Find out more at the link.

Once you have all the useful information down, it’s time to look for inspiration. After all, you are going to Italy!

Driving in Italy, a few itinerary ideas

From north to south, there is a lot to discover in the Peninsula. Which destination would you prefer?

Discover Campania

Tuscany and magical Florence

Unique Puglia

Indeed, driving in Italy doesn’t have to be a headache. Not even if you are traveling with kids. In fact, you can read our guide to an Italian road trip with your family. There, you can find information about laws and the term to use.

Happy travels!

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