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Toasting to Alfa Romeo and its anniversaries

A story of Italian excellency, from racing models to road, everyday cars.

Collectors love Italian sports cars. And professional racers too. And Alfa Romeo has created several cars that have filled the dreams of millions of drivers. These cars are held in high esteem for their endurance, innovative design, and superb engineering.

As this company moves into their new chapter, the innovative tone from their latest entries promises that it will be one full of surprises.

Before 110 years of Alfa Romeo

From the first 100 years, this company has seen the rise and fall of many car body designers and engineering companies. The logo uses the two symbols of the city of Milan: the cross of the municipality and the snake with a dragon’s head from the Visconti family.

The company became Alfa Romeo when the engineer, Nicolas Romeo became a manager. From that moment forward, this brand has been a dominant force in professional racing. Especially in the Mille Miglia. Alfa Romeo’s enduring presence in auto racing has inspired professional drivers. And also individuals who have never visited a race track.

With this foundation, the 21st century Alfa Romeo will surely conquer the challenges facing car manufacturers today. Carbon emissions and weight reduction are just two areas that will benefit from the same innovative perspective. Indeed, the same perspectives that have made Alfa Romeo one of the most famous names in auto racing.

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