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Imola racetrack
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Imola racetrack: world’s first with green and high-tech asphalt

The atmosphere at the Imola racetrack is ripe with significant changes, as it has decided to add a greener and more innovative touch to one of Italy’s most important tracks through a major investment.

The technology is entirely Made in Italy

The project has been entrusted to the Italian company Iterchimica, which has patented and developed the entire working protocol. In collaboration with research provided by the University of Bologna and Milan Bicocca, a green, eco-sustainable, and above all, more cost-effective solution has been reached for the racetrack’s coffers.

Imola racetrack
Work in progress for the new flooring

The circular economy and its hypothetical applications are often discussed. At Imola, actions count, and a result has been achieved that will likely be a shining beacon to follow in the world of national and international sustainability. The project involved the use of recyclable materials based on hard plastics such as toy scraps, CD cases, or fragments of fruit and vegetable crates.

In short, this innovative project offers greater durability over time, less maintenance, drastically reduces the use of bitumen, and promotes environmental sustainability.

New pavement for the paddock access road

The new pavement of the racetrack was planned for the paddock access road, as it is the area under the most stress. General Manager Pietro Benvenuti ensures that there seems to be an intention to resurface the entire track with the same new technology in the future. For now, it’s a test, which should be expanded in the future to the entire track. He is also hopeful that the new initiative can set an example for racetracks worldwide.

Specifically, it is estimated to save over 78,000 kg of bitumen, 1623 kg of aggregates, 115 truck trips transporting material, 74,000 kg of CO2eq, and 3,700 kg of recycled plastic.

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