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Italy Pasta
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Italy is the world’s leading producer of pasta

It comes as no surprise in the latest report compiled for the 25th edition of World Pasta Day. Italy, renowned and acclaimed for its culinary tradition and good taste at the table, couldn’t help but achieve such a result.

Italy sets the trends in the kitchen

There’s a clear global trend towards consuming more and more of this food. The first edition of World Pasta Day in 1998 highlighted a global consumption of 9 tons, compared to 17 tons this year.

Regarding pasta production, a staggering 1/4 of the pasta consumed worldwide is produced in Italy, a record number that leaves no room for interpretation. In Italy, pasta isn’t just a dish, but more of a journey, just like pizza.

The numbers become even more significant when we narrow the field… Italy produces a whopping 3/4 of the pasta consumed in Europe.

Italy Pasta
Italy is the world’s leading producer of pasta

Italy is the top producer… and the top consumer in the world!

We Italians love to eat, we can’t deny it, but above all, we love to eat well! Pasta is extremely versatile; it pleases everyone and never leaves anyone dissatisfied. In fact, besides being the world’s top pasta producer, Italy is also the top consumer (as it should be, I might add). Italy thus tops the list of pasta eaters, with about 23 kg per capita, followed by Tunisia with 17 kg and Venezuela with 12 kg per capita.

99% of Italians eat pasta once a week

As for the emerging Italian habits, it seems that 50% of Italians eat pasta every day. A fact that doesn’t surprise me, as I am among them… I confess I can’t live without my beloved and delicious daily pasta. While 99% of Italians eat pasta once a week, one can well understand how deeply rooted this food is in our culinary culture, tradition, and, above all, taste in the kitchen.

Do not miss the central role of pasta in the Italian culinary tradition:

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