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Italian Car Model

Let’s talk about the Fiat Bravo model

Italian car makers are aware of their impact on the environment and the “Eco Drive.” One of the main features is the solutions developed to minimize the polluting consequences cars. Hence, the Fiat Bravo.

The specs of the Fiat Bravo

The Bravo MSN Edition is a well rounded and balanced vehicle. Plus, it offers a refreshing combination of driving pleasure, safety, and conscious behavior. Indeed, it’s both innovative and ambitious. It’s the FIAT Eco Drive initiative. However Fiat has chosen to also use it as an avenue to contribute to charitable causes. For example the construction of a nursery school in Abruzzo, Italy.

With the MSN logo and distinctive bodywork coloring, the Fiat Bravo MSN Edition is immediately recognizable. The vehicles is available with the last generation 1.6 Multijet 16v 120HP diesel engine. This engine has a filter that complies with the emission limits of the Euro 5 regulation.

Furthermore, drivers can stay in touch with the world from voice to text, MP3 or CD, cell or PDA. The on-board technology makes the driving experience safe and, simply, fun. The touch of a single key opens the world of Instant Messaging via MSN. Plus, with Bluetooth in each of its features, this vehicle is a sterling example of how to seamlessly blend function and form to produce a beautiful result.

Indeed, the Fiat Bravo is a must drive for any aficionado. And, if you love Fiat, you can’t miss the story of the Fiat 500. Find out more here!

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