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Castles in Central Sicily

The central section of Sicily includes a number of beautiful castles that can be visited among the provinces of Enna and Caltanissetta. In this article you will find a list of some of the best castles that you can find here, with some useful information about the past of the area and its legends:


Castello di Lombardia

This is considered the most ancient and majestic castles all over Sicily. Even if the castle of Lombardia recalls the northern region of the country and its name is linked to some Lombard soldiers that defended it, the castle was built by the ancient population of Sicily, the Sicani, on the top of the mountain around which the town of Henna was developed. The castle mixes several styles: Byzantine, Norman and Swabian. It has three main doors facing different views and a small church and the house of the emperor inside.

Castello di Lombardia, Enna, Sicily
Castello di Lombardia, Enna, Sicily. Ph. depositphotos/Lora-Sutyagina

Castello di Sperlinga

This castle, built around 1082, is rather particular because it was built using rock as main element. Several sections were excavated into the rock but now there are only some parts to see: the mullioned window which is considered national monument, the room where the prince had meetings, the chapel and the stairs that lead to the sighting tower from which you can control the surrounding landscape.

Sperlinga Castle, Enna, Sicily
Sperlinga Castle, Enna, Sicily. Ph. depositphotos/Letyg84

Castello di Gagliano Castelferrato

The castle was built around the 9th century and the word ferrato wants to recall the idea of ferro, iron, to emphasize the fact that the castle was a real fortress for the whole town. The main part of the castle is defined by some walls where inside there is a rectangular building.
The castle became very famous thanks to Frederick II who elected it as the main residence for relaxing turning it into an elegant residence.


Castello di Pietrarossa

Castello di Pietrarossa
Castello di Pietrarossa

The name of this castle is probably due to the ancient covering of the towers but the actual origins of this castle are still unknown. The castle is situated on the top of a hill near the town and the church Santa Maria degli Angeli and its building is estimated to be around 9th century. The castle was the seat of several historical events and meetings, where some vicars in charge of ruling Sicily were also elected. Today the castle is almost in a state of abandon but it offers a great view of the town.

Castello di Mussomeli

This castle is an example of military architecture. Although being very close to Mussomeli, this is one of the least accessible castles due to its position on a rock and its construction on several levels. The castle is surrounded by two main walls and its entrance door and windows were built in a Gothic style.
The most famous rooms in the castle are: the big room of Sala dei Baroni, the Prigione della Morte, prison of the death, where condemned people were thrown from a trapdoor and drowned, and the chapel where there is the Madonna della Catena, the Virgin of the Chain, to whom imprisoned asked for mercy.

Bedroom in Mussomeli Castle in Sicily
Bedroom in Mussomeli Castle in Sicily. Ph. depositphotos/Photofollies

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