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Speed Cameras in Italy: A Tourist’s Guide

As the saying goes, Country you go, custom you find. Speed cameras are the number one enemy of motorists, whether they are casual vacationers or professional truck drivers. Fortunately, we now have various tactics and tricks that allow us to know the specific positions of these terrible detectors ahead of time. Stratagems that would have done somersaults 50 years ago.

In this article, I’ll show you how to travel more comfortably without having to worry about where the speed cameras are before you set off.

Italy has the most Speed Cameras

Italy has a lot of records. Here is Europe’s oldest university, founded in Bologna in 1088, as well as the Capitular Library of Verona, built in 517. Unfortunately for all motorists, not everything that glitters is gold. Italy has as many as 11,060-speed cameras, making it the European country with the most speed detection systems.

But don’t be too concerned; they are not evenly dispersed over the territory and are often very scarce in tiny towns.

In 2022, Florence had the highest penalty for speeding in Italy

Which cities should receive special attention?

Any driver would appreciate an answer. Well, the online comparator Facile.it has evaluated official data from fines for speeding violations. The city of Florence leads the ranking of disobedient citizens, with a revenue of 13.2 million euros in 2022 alone (not including other traffic offenses). Milan comes in second with 13 million euros, followed by Genoa with 11 million.

Not all Speed Cameras are the same

Some life-saving tips for the novice or simply those who do not know the regulations of the road must be included in this guide. Speed cameras are not all the same: when it comes to fixed stations, it is critical to understand the distinctions in order to avoid accidents, paranoia, or unneeded stress.

If you come across an orange speed camera while driving through the lovely country’s urban or suburban streets, you should realize that they do not constitute a hazard in most circumstances. They often lack speed sensors and are used to attract the attention of the driver. They can only issue fines with a patrol nearby, according to the statutes in effect. So keep your eyes alert and your guard up on the road! Always!

Orange Speed Cameras in Italy
Orange Speed Camera | Credit

In the event of blue speed cameras, the scenario changes. These employ digital infrared cameras that may be remotely monitored, allowing for instant infringement litigation. To travel safely, you must be aware of the current road conditions and alter your speed accordingly. Keep these suggestions in mind if you happen to be nearby.

Blu Speed Cameras in Italy
Blu Speed Camera | Credit

How to Identify Speed Cameras in Advance

Italy’s record is unfortunate, but you should not be upset. The State Police make public the road sections where the detectors are in use. The speed camera list is updated weekly and might be extremely useful.

If you want to travel with more peace of mind, I propose using some extremely useful applications to receive warnings near speed cameras while on the road.
The most popular in Italy is the Coyote app, which enhances your experience with frequent traffic updates. A fantastic lifesaver if you’re in an area where you don’t know where the speed cameras are!

Instead, I would suggest using the Waze app. Although I prefer the classic Google Maps when I need to drive, Waze has piqued my interest. Google bought it in 2013, and you can think of it as an extension of Google Maps. It indicates the presence of permanent and mobile speed cameras, as well as traffic interruptions and sudden slowdowns. This dear friend can assist you in driving 360 degrees with a unique eye for anticipating speed cameras.

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