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Casal di principe, speeding violations in Italy
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The only municipality in Italy with no fines for speeding violations

It is probably the dream of many, but it is a reality for the 21,000 inhabitants of Casal di Principe, a small town in Caserta (Campania). Few traffic wardens, especially few resources, and many retirements have laid the foundations for a motorists’ paradise where no fines have been issued since 2019.

Too few traffic wardens to manage everything

No fines, yes, but one should not be surprised by the citizens’ sacred respect for road rules. The state of affairs has come about more due to inertia and limited funds than the merit of the citizens. According to current directives, Casal di Principe would require 28 wardens to manage all the tasks, compared to the only 6 currently in service.

Casal di Principe
The historical Villa Square in Casal di Principe

“Our few wardens handle many things, starting with the notification of judicial acts. They are also engaged in combating building violations, illegal waste disposal, and stray animal control. It’s difficult to cover everything that needs to be done”. The words of the mayor highlight a crack that is, in reality, a very sad reality for many municipalities in the province of Caserta and the surrounding area.

To address the situation without straining the municipal budget, the prefect has intervened. Casal di Principe intends to hire a couple of wardens on a fixed-term, part-time basis for two years. A temporary solution that should help in carrying out road activities.

A paradoxical situation: no fines for speeding violations in Italy? Is it possible? Here, the nearly 12,000 speed cameras installed along the roads constantly frighten motorists. In 2023 alone, the coffers of Italian municipalities collectively earned over 1.5 billion euros. Driving prudently is a duty, and here it is not negotiable, but many wonder if all these speed cameras are really necessary… (Italy is the leading European country in terms of the number of installations).

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