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Italian Summer Destinations – By the Beach Pt.1

Part 1

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. The sun, the crystal-clear sea, nature reserves, good food, and much more. But where to go? There are so many destinations that you do not know which to choose…

…Then this article is for you!

I will help you pick, according to your needs, the perfect destination for this summer. Are you ready? Let’s discover together some of the countless wonders that this country has to offer!

Amalfi Coast—Campania

Italian Summer Destinations - Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast | Credit

The Amalfi Coast is a section of coastline that faces the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is located in the province of Salerno in Campania and extends from Positano to Vietri sul Mare. It gets its name from the city of Amalfi, its geographical and historical center.

In 1997, UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site. Due to its stunning natural surroundings, each year it attracts tourists from all over the world. The water, the sun, the architecture, and the spectacular views are just a few of the factors that make this stretch of coast so famous.

You can take a road trip by car starting in Naples and visiting the important locations, including Amalfi, Atrani, Furore, Ravello, and Vietri sul Mare. As an alternative, you can take part in one of the organized boat trips.
The Path of the Gods, an unmissable panoramic stroll from which to enjoy a spectacular view of the sea, is recommended for trekkers.

Path of Gods
Path of Gods | Credit

Gulf of Orosei – Sardinia

Along the central-eastern coast of Sardinia, there is an inlet known as the Gulf of Orosei.

Italian Summer Destinations - Gulf of Orosei
Gulf of Orosei | Credit

The gulf is divided into two parts:

  • The northern part is mainly made up of sandy coasts and is surrounded by pine forests and unspoiled nature, typical of the area. This place is great for those who are looking for a holiday that suits the whole family.
  • The southern portion, on the other hand, is primarily made up of rocks and cliffs that overlook the sea, as well as crystal-clear waters and swiftly descending backdrops. For this reason, it is regarded as one of the top locations for climbing and diving lovers.

Take note that the majority of the beaches in the Gulf of Orosei can only be reached by boat or through guided trekking.  Instead, the beaches of Cala Liberotto and Cala Gonone are easily accessible by automobile.

Salento – Apulia

Another popular summer getaway in Southern Italy is the lovely region of Salento, in Puglia. To be clear, the heel of our boot. It is located between the Ionian Sea to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east and is the easternmost area of Italy.

Natural rocky coves and stretches of fine white sand alternate along its coastline. This area also has expansive green spaces filled with vegetation typical of the Mediterranean Maquis (Macchia Mediterranea).

The town of Santa Maria di Leuca is a charming location where the two seas converge. From here, you can explore a few caves that are visible from the water, including the well-known Zinzulusa Cave.

Italian Summer Destinations - Santa Maria di Leuca
Santa Maria di Leuca | Credit

The Ionian side of the region is mostly low and sandy. The so-called “Maldives of Salento” in Pesculose, Torre Mozza, Lido Marini, Torre San Giovanni, Punta Pizzo, the Gallipoli coast, the “Polynesian” in Porto Cesareo, and Torre Lapillo are some of its favorite locations.

On the other hand, the coast on the Adriatic side is primarily high and indented, providing breathtaking panoramic vistas. While the area between Otranto and Lecce is low and sandy. The main coastlines are those of Castro Marina and Santa Cesarea Terme, Porto Badisco‘s rocky outcrop, Otranto’s golden shoreline, and the region around the lakes Alimini, Torre dell’Orso and San Foca.

Santa Cesarea Terme
Santa Cesarea Terme | Credit

Costa Degli Dei (Coast of the Gods) – Calabria

Costa degli Dei is a 55-kilometer-long section of the Calabrian coastline that is dotted with craggy rocks, gorgeous bays, and a stunning sea. From Nicotera, it extends to Pizzo Calabro. White beaches and rugged cliffs are peculiar characteristics of the region.
This expressive as well as idyllic name was given because it was once believed that the Gods lived along this section of our country’s shore. The Gods selected the area due to its undeniable beauty.

Italian Summer Destinations - Coast of Gods
Coast of Goads | Credit

The most important attraction of this region is Tropea. From its beaches, you can observe the surrounding cliffs. You shouldn’t miss Pizzo Calabro, a tiny fishing community with cobblestone streets and the lovely Colamaio beach.

Maratea – Basilicata

Credit | Maratea

Maratea is often known as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the only city in Basilicata that has a view of the sea. It is also one of the province’s popular tourism destinations.

This location is well-notable not only for its beautiful natural settings but also for its rich historical heritage. There are numerous churches, chapels, and monasteries located across the city.

A few of the most stunning beaches to explore are Acquafredda, Spiaggia di Mezzanotte, Cersuta, Fiumicello, Spiaggia Nera, le Secche, and Castrocucco. Since they are a few kilometers from the city, they are easily reachable if you reside in Maratea.

These beaches aren’t extremely large. Rather, they mostly consist of tiny coves that are open to the public and free of facilities like sun lounger rentals or kiosk stands.

Remember to bring with you a mask and fins, as the peculiarity of these beaches is the seabed, considered among the most beautiful and clean in Italy!

To discover the other 5 destinations, click on the link here:

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