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Visiting Rome on foot: the best city, according to GuruWalk

The eternal city never ceases to amaze, never tires, and above all, never bores. Rome has been awarded the title of the best city in the world to visit on foot, according to one of the largest communities of walking tour enthusiasts.

Read on to discover a list of must-sees for a quick exploration of the eternal capital!

An open-air museum with plenty to walk

With nearly 1,300 square kilometers, Rome is an extremely difficult metropolis to fully know. Walking along the ancient streets adorned with beauties like Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, or Piazza di Spagna is a true treasure. Not to mention the endless improvised walking itineraries to see and appreciate the majesty of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and Castel Sant’Angelo, for example.

For this reason, the users of one of the largest communities of walking tourists have voted Rome as the best city in the world to visit on foot. The international site GuruWalk analyzed bookings in 120 countries and 800 cities. Rome tops the ranking, followed by Budapest and Barcelona. As for the Italian cities, Venice ranks 5th and Florence 14th.

Visiting Rome on foot: what to see

Rome is beautiful all over, there’s no doubt about it. However, if you want to plan a quick visit without any regrets, these are the must-see attractions:


You cannot miss the symbol of Rome, the largest amphitheater ever built, capable of hosting up to 50,000 spectators. Don’t miss:

Piazza Navona

You can’t go wrong: an oval shape and three splendid fountains, including the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. To know more about Piazza Navona:

Piazza Navona – Rome

Piazza di Spagna

Famous for its monumental staircase, the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna is a lively meeting point. At the center of the square is the Fountain of the Barcaccia, a work by Bernini. From the top of the staircase, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, absolutely not to be missed!

Roman Forum

Since the 7th century BC, it was the center of public life in ancient Rome, a place of trials, elections, and markets. Walking among the ruins can make you feel a bit like a consul and a bit like a quaestor during the Republican period, an experience worth trying. To learn more about an itinerary that includes the Roman Forum:  

Roman Forum – Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo

Originally built as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian, Castel Sant’Angelo also served as a fortress, papal residence, and prison. You’ll find it near the Tiber River and St. Peter’s Basilica, just to enrich your journey in the eternal capital. You can find here all you need to know before visiting Castel Sant’Angelo:

Trevi Fountain

It needs no introduction, the most famous fountain in Italy attracts more than 5,000,000 visitors annually, according to estimates. Designed by Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini, it represents the god Ocean surrounded by Tritons and sea horses.

If you stop by here, remember the legend! A piece of advice: save the visit to the fountain for the end of your day; you won’t regret it… at night, when it’s illuminated, it’s breathtaking.

Trevi Fountain – Visiting Rome on foot


Designed as a temple dedicated to all the gods, it is famous for its dome with the central oculus that lets in natural light. This masterpiece of Roman engineering is, moreover, one of the best-preserved buildings in all of Rome; make sure not to miss it!

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