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Rome: The Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the most recognized, and oldest monuments still standing in Rome, Italy. With this post, we’ll learn together about the story and history of the Pantheon in Rome.

Originally built as a temple to all of the Roman gods, the Pantheon (originally built around 27 BC) was torn down and rebuilt by emperor Hadrian around 120 AD. That structure is the same as the one you will see when you visit today. The Pantheon is the oldest intact structure still standing from the Greco-Roman world. It has been used continuously throughout the past millenniums. This must be the reason that it’s still in such an incredibly perfect shape.

The Pantheon

The building of the Pantheon is a complete circle, with an opening in the ceiling that looks out onto the sky above. The opening is meant to symbolize the eye of heaven looking down over the temple, and being “all-seeing” to the world below.

There are three different levels of granite columns, and bronze doors that have remained in the Pantheon for over 1,800 years. The height of the dome is exactly equal to the diameter of the circular interior of the building. It’s amazing to think back under what conditions the Pantheon was originally built under. All that along with seeing what the early Romans were able to create so many years ago!

Visiting the Pantheon in Rome can be a truly awe-inspiring look back at history. It’s amazing to stand in the middle of the structure and look up into the sky, standing in the same place and in the same structure that people have visited for almost 2000 years. It’s amazing to think that the same structure we see today was built before the time of chainsaws and machinery. The fact that it has remained not only intact but also in such pristine conditions over all of these years.

If you are visiting Italy, especially Rome, then visiting the Pantheon is something that you really must do. The Pantheon is a tourist attraction that pulls in people from around the world. It’s also something that everyone who visits Rome usually goes to see, but there is a good reason why. You will undoubtedly run into a good deal of tourists when you make your trek, so come prepared to deal with the crowds.

Visiting Information for the Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon is one of the best things to do in Rome, so you definitely shouldn’t miss it! Visiting the Pantheon is free to the public, and the pantheon welcomes tour groups of all shapes and sizes, although in 2019 there were rumors about a possible fee to enter the Pantheon. There are several different tour options available in several different languages, so everyone should be able to enjoy a trip.

It is also located near the Piazza della Rotonda, a square that is filled with a variety of restaurants and shops. Visiting the Piazza della Rotonda, and the pantheon can make for a fantastic summer afternoon. Visit the pantheon in the morning and spend your afternoon shopping and dining in the square.

Their general working hours are Mon-Saturday 8.30-7:30 and Sunday 9-6. On holiday days during the week, it’s open 9-1. It is closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s day, and May 1st.

You can book a guided tour for a fee.

By Emily Price – Edited by Helga Dosa

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