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Skiing down Mont Blanc

Video: Skiing down Mont Blanc ( Monte Bianco)

June 2020: An extraordinary feat on the Brenva side of Monte Bianco ( Mont Blanc ). Made a few weeks after the end of the lockdown. Courmayeur mountain guide Edmond Joyeusaz, born in 1958, extreme skier, made the descent on the skis of the Poire serac. Last May 25 on the top of Mont Blanc the temperature was around 5 degree Farenhetit ( -15 celsius).  La Poire ( pear in French) is a rocky spur that is located just below the top of Mont Blanc and has the unmistakable shape of a pear.The Brenva side is the prferred side by the strongest mountaineers. Edmond decided to ski the Poire by retracing the route opened in 1979 by the Piedmontese Gianni Comino and Giancarlo Grassi. His itinerary from the top of Mont Blanc descending to Mont Blanc of Courmayeur then goes down almost vertically  to the Brenva glacier for 1500 meters in altitude with slopes between 55 and 60 degrees . "Something exceptional, due to technical difficulties, exposure to dangers and overall height difference" said the historic mountain guide Renzino Cosson. In a video, also made with the help of drones, you can now admire the most exciting passages of this venture to the extent possible. . .by Guido Andruetto

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