Italians & Europeans Video by Bruno Bozzetto

Italians & Europeans: what are the differences? Enjoy this very funny ( very  old ) flash-movie by Bruno Bozzetto. This flash cartoon must be 20 years old by now. It  does not intend to ridicule Italians, since I myself am Italian, and I am very proud of being Italian but since the rest of Life in Italy is painting Italy more and more like “Heaven on Earth,” I added this cartoon and I will add some jokes pages to compensate. I am trying to give a more honest image. So please look at the video with some sense of humor –   Ciao

…If you enjoyed the flash cartoon above try the video about in
Driving Naples, Italy and Riding a Vespa

Italian & Europeans

Many Many thanks to the cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto, the creator of Mr. Rossi who allowed me to use his short film.

The music is by Roberto Frattini.

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2 years ago

Ma d’altro canto quanto è impagabile entrare in un bar, chiedere “un caffè” ed uscire dopo 2 minuti?