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Italy and the Single American

Italy.   The very idea of it can spark thoughts of romance and passion in the mind of any red-blooded American.   What most of us have learned of Italy, we have learned through movies, books, travel documentaries and brochures.   It is presented, and rightly so, as a place to open up to the passions and desires that lie within ourselves.   Beautiful villas next to sparkling seas, quaint little outdoor cafes where soft, sweet music flows through the streets like a part of the very air you breathe.Starry nights filled with strolling lovers and passionate history.   One would have to be made of stone not to be affected by the atmosphere of this most glorious place.

These things alone can attract hordes of single Americans to Italy each year in search of romance and adventure.   If Traveling to Italy with a certain special someone, then most of those dreams and fantasies will be realized.   There is not much to compare with the Italian atmosphere for lighting the flames of passion. The best advice would be to take advantage of all Italy has to offer and throw caution and inhibition to the wind.   You will seldom be disappointed.

Handsome young man in Alpino hat

A single American Traveling alone to Italy, however, may want to exercise a certain amount of caution and scale down expectations to avoid disappointment.   You must remember that you are entering into a different culture, and that what you may think is proper or normal may not seem so to the native Italians.

Italian men have been known to comment that American women can sometimes be quite naive when it comes to the subject of romance.   They are often surprised at how gullible the woman is and how easily she accepts all that he says as fact.   Love can be more of a game to Italian men, or more descriptively, an art.   When an Italian man finds a woman attractive he is apt to tell her so, and possibly in ways that, although an Italian woman would take his words in stride and with a grain of salt, the American woman may take literally.   Starting off slowly and moving with caution is not his way, and words may come from his mouth that seem like words of love to an American woman, where to him they are simply words of praise and passion.   An Italian man, in general, does not expect to be taken literally for everything he says.   He is doing the dance that Italian men have learned so well and practiced for centuries.   In turn, he can be quite perplexed by the anger and hurt an American woman expresses when she feels that he is not living up to his professed promises.   This does not make Italian men liars; it just means they come from a different culture!

If an American single woman arms herself with this knowledge before she takes that leap into the Italian singles scene, she is less likely to find herself feeling empty and betrayed, and more likely to enjoy what Italian men and their culture have to offer.   The passion and excitement of an Italian “fling” can be great for the ego and possibly leave a woman with more of a sense of her own sensuality and worth.

For single men in Italy, they are sure to find a feast for the eyes and ears in their search for romance. They may find in Italian women a sense of passion and freedom that they may have found lacking in some of their stateside romances. They can probably feel a bit freer to express their selves in a way that American women might find a bit “over the top”, but Italian women would not find unusual at all. Yet, for that very same reason, American men must remember where they are and whom they are dealing with. Italian woman are not likely to be so easily bowled over by hastily thrown words of love in the throes of passion. They generally expect this type of behavior from men.   Italian women are also prone to speak their minds right from the start, and the American male must learn to practice restraint when he thinks he may have been insulted.   Stop, think, and remember where you are.   Italian people can be quite frank in their conversation, and it should be remembered that what is an insult to Americans may just be an innocent observation to an Italian.   A man should appreciate this frankness; the woman is not into playing games!    Remember also, that no matter where a woman is from, she deserves to be treated with respect.   Part of respecting an Italian woman is to take the time to know a bit of her culture before you even meet her.   She will appreciate it, and you will find yourself possibly having a romantic experience that you will remember for years to come.

Everyone should think of visiting Italy at least once in his or her lifetime.   It is beauty and history and passion and romance all wrapped into one exciting package, and for the single American, it can create precious memories that will remain a part of you for as long as you live.

By Tracy Santany

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