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Italian Decor II

Decor That Suits The Italian Lifestyle

We all know about Italian style as it pertains to clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories, sportswear or even cars! Ferrari has become synonymous with Italian style and technological know-how. Italian style also has its outstanding representatives among movie actors and actresses: who would be uncertain about the national origins of such figures as Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Rossano Brazzi, and Rudolfo Valentino, though admittedly they are better known to the over 50s generations. And what can be said about Luciano Pavarotti? This is all fine, but you may be asking “Is there also such a thing as the Italian look in home decoration?”

The unique aspects of the Italian look in home decoration are somewhat difficult to define. Beautifully decorated homes have many similarities wherever they are located. Usually, the decorator’s attention is focused on making a statement which embraces a philosophical approach to life and art while at the same time meeting the existential and practical needs of the occupants. Italian interior decoration has all of these elements, and therefore one can find homes which have a distinctly “Scandinavian” appearance, others that look like English cottages, and still others that seem directly out of a French baroque palace. Of course these are extreme examples to illustrate a wide range of possible decorating solutions, for which it is not possible to use an exclusively Italian design label.

But there are also some aspects of home decoration that are quite unique to the Italian look. These include bold design and original color schemes, attention to detail, emphasis on quality, and a penchant for creative and unique solutions. In fact, if one particular aspect can be identified as characteristic of Italian home decoration it is the need to express the individuality of the decorator and home owner.

And in Italy with the continued strong traditions of specialized trades and master craftsmen, it is possible to have things built to specification, colored to suit ones tastes or moods, constructed as desired, tiled as needed or sculpted as imagined. The quest for uniqueness can therefore be met because of the possibility of adopting solutions that are tailor-made, thanks to the skill of the many artisans that take pride in their professions.

Another particular aspect of Italian style in home decoration is the use of certain traditional materials which themselves are the outcome of centuries of experimenting and use. These include fabrics used for home furnishings. A number of Italian regions are highly specialized and at the forefront in both the production of fabrics and in the development of manufacturing technology. These include the areas around Prato, Como and Biella. They produce exceptionally beautiful fabrics, suited to a wide range of decorating needs from upholstery to wall covering to curtain materials. The splendid colors and designs of these fabrics are matched by their high quality, the product of technological innovation and leadership in the textile industry world-wide.

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