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An Italian Living Room

As mentioned earlier, Italian style in home decorating is increasingly associated with simplified and refined solutions that suit the life style of the occupants, knowing use of various textures and colors to provide specific accents, accompanied by some unique and beautiful art pieces or antiques which recall the values of the past. In general, sofas and couches are contemporary.

Italian Dining Room Furnishings

Very few antique couches are comfortable, so that Art Deco pieces or other antique couches are normally placed in an area where they are not for actual use, but rather to be observed only. The tendency is for under-statement and comfort. One major producer of Italian antique couches, Poltronesofa (poltronesofa.com) provides a wide range of items at competitive prices that has made it one of the best known middle of the market supplier. Sober colors and linear contemporary design are characteristic of the “Dama” sofa produced by Seven Salotti (arflex.it )

Clean lines and natural colors are characteristic of the low-slung contemporary Italian sofas offered by “arketipo” (arketipo.com) that are an invitation to relaxed living. Also Meritalia (meritalia.it) offers geometric designs for contemporary sofas that are of the utmost comfort, such as their “Varadero” line.

Italian Leather Couch

Precious fabrics and leather are characteristically used in Italy to create sofas and couches that combine decorative appeal with comfort. Leather is widely used by the Italian firm Chateau d’Ax (image on the right) (chateau-dax.it), for example the 2 or 3 place sofa in white leather (model Atlantic). Sober colors, linear design and efficient use of space are the characteristics of the living room furnishings offered by the company Clever (clever.it). This Italian company also provides a wide range of space-friendly solutions for other parts of the home, such as bedrooms and children’s rooms.

MisuraEmme Interiors (misuraemme.it) specializes in distinctive and personalized solutions for Italian home furnishings. The company emphasizes the importance of decoration as a dimension of the individual: “Unmistakably unique, each piece of furniture, each detail that you purchase becomes part of the world you live in.” The company offers a line of Italian living room furniture that combines traditional and contemporary trends and materials (Deco Classico) in a spectrum of natural colors ranging from beige to brown with accents of white and gold. This Italian company also offers unique wardrobes having bronze-plated mirror doors with aluminum profiles which contrast boldly with the more staid natural fabrics.

Various furniture companies in Italy create lines of modern and streamlined furniture for Italian living rooms. But they also export these all over the world, so if you long to have a piece of Italy in your home, a comfy and elegant sofa or couch from Italy might be your answer.

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