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Italian Children’s Rooms Decor

Children’s Rooms

It is now clearly recognized that children’s rooms are not just adult rooms on a smaller scale. Instead, children’s rooms now reflect the different needs of the younger generations.

Children’s Rooms In Italy


In addition, in recognition of the changes that take place in these needs as children grow, the basic furnishings of their rooms are such that they can be adapted over time. Thus, for example, one company specializing in quality children’s furniture in Italy, Tiemme has developed lines of furniture that can have varied uses. Closet space used to store stuffed animals and tricycles will over time make room for book shelves and computer tables with only minimal changes. Specially styled fitted desks blend into the decor, and augur well for future scholars.


As space is increasingly at a premium in modern homes, a unique solution to expand the livability of the children’s room is the installation of an elevated deck that conceals roll out beds, specially designed to maximize the space available during the daytime, while providing cozy and practical sleeping conditions at night. The colors of the furnishings are bright and youthful, and are also produced in high quality materials that can be easily cleaned and endure over time.

Similarly, “to grow together” the company Galli provides furniture for children’s rooms that is both functional and imaginative, with bright attractive colors and design that takes into account above all the needs and interests of children.



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