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Italian-American Video


“With each passing generation we lose a part of our Italian culture. We must pass our traditions to our children, we must teach them to make homemade pasta and to cook with love, for our families. To be proud of their nationality and to keep the traditions and memories alive … Take time for Sunday dinner with your family, make food like your grandma did. Tell your children stories, they will be proud to be Italian too … It’s the simplest things that bring the greatest pleasures in life. It’s all about love, food and respect. We show our love through the food we make.”

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4 years ago

A lovely video. Yes, I live in Vietnam where large numbers of locals want to migrate to the holy grail of the USA. They have no awareness that cultural osmosis where within one or two generations evaporate their culture which is sad as you have observed. My family are Australian but basically we chose to migrate to S.E. Asia in early 1970s. The result much the same as your own family experiences but we too are very happy with the result as family culture remains close and supportive. Thank you for this touching video.