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Cacio e Pepe: traditional or gourmet?

Cacio e pepe: what a great traditional Italian — Roman!– combo. With its simple, wholesome ingredients, it is a true example of cucina povera that made it, however, into the kitchen of some of the world most renowned chefs.

The real beauty of this dish lies in how simple it is, from what it’s needed to make it, to the actual procedure involved: beside grinding your peppercorns and keeping aside some of your pasta water, there’s little else you have to worry about.

But what if we told you someone brought our beloved cacio e pepe up a notch and turned it into a gourmet dish?

Is it simple to make? Is it good? Was making it fancier necessary?

You’ll be the judge: here’s a video by the people of Italia Squisita, who brought together two well-known chefs, Claudio Gargioli of Armando al Pantheon, in Rome, and one-Michelin-star Cristina Bowerman of Glass Hostaria, always in our capital, to show us two very different takes on this classic of Italian cuisine.

PS: switch on subtitles for the English version!

Two different takes on a classic, pasta cacio e pepe

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