Aggius is a town and a commune located in Sardinia, Italy in the province of Olbia-Tempio. The town is located close to Cagliari and Olbia. Aggius is quite a small town with an area of 83 sq km and population of close to 1600. Aggius is a hill town, located at an altitude of 514 meters above sea level. According to scholars, Aggius had been inhabited since before Roman times and over the centuries it has been passed on from many hands.

The economy of Aggius is based mainly on agriculture and live stock breeding. Dairy and agricultural products are the main productions in Aggius


Getting to Aggius

Visitors planning to go to Aggius have limited transportation choices. The town is located close to Olbia and Cagliari so the best option is to first reach either of these two towns. From Cagliari and Olbia visitors can then take a bus to reach Aggius. The state buses leave from the main bus station every few hours for Aggius, tickets are available easily since not many people travel to Aggius even in peak tourist seasons. An easier way is to drive down to Aggius from Cagliari or Olbia, those who have their own car can reach Aggius quite easily and comfortably.


Moving Around Aggius


There are only a few places to visit in Aggius. Except for a few churches, there aren’t many attractions in town. The best way to move around in Aggius is on foot. Since the town is quite compact, most attractions can be visited in a day even if visitors walk around the town. The streets here are generally not crowded or congested with traffic so walking is easier. Also, because of the altitude the town mostly has a mild temperature even in the summer months. Most streets in Aggius are lined with shady trees and are quite narrow so navigating cars might be a problem, especially in the older section of the town.


Attractions in Aggius

Laghetto di Santa Degna

Laghetto Di Santa Degna is a pool of spring water that has for years been the reason for the lush surroundings of the area. Since decades the pool has been a favorite place for the locals to visit and enjoy a picnic in the lush surroundings. The road that leads up to the location is picturesque, passing through mountains and wooded lands.


San Vittoria Chiesa

Old houses in Aggius

San Vittoria chiesa had been built in Aggius in the 16th century. The church is one of the most important in the town and has been redone and renovated regularly. The 33 meter bell tower is relatively new, and was only built in the 20th century. Inside the church is a single nave with eight side chapels. The baptistery in the church is done in wood with a beautiful painting of Baptism of Jesus. The wooden pulpit inside the church was done in 1854 and the organ dates back to the 18th century.


Nostra Signora Del Rosario

Nostra Signora Del Rosario was built from the confraternita of the Rosary. The building has three arches that date back to 1727. The high altar has a valuable statue in wood dating back to the 17th century representing the Madonna of the Rosary.


Santa Croce

The church of Santa Croce was built in 1709. The church has been built in the typical style of the urban churches that is mostly seen in this region. The church had to be renovated a few times in the following centuries but much of the façade of the church is still original. The interior of the church has been beautifully decorated.


Nostra Signora d’Itria

Nostra Signora d’Itria was built in the 18th century completely in granite with wooden beam covering. The interior of the church is beautifully decorated with several beautiful paintings and some frescoes. The most noteworthy painting in the church is one representing a Madonna with child and three dignitaries that support an empty coffin.


San Pietro Di Ruda

San Pietro of Ruda is located 6 km from the main town on the road for Trinità of agultu. The church was originally built in 1803. The architecture of the church is quite interesting and is typical to the country style churches seen in the smaller towns of Italy. The interior of the church has been kept fairly simple and plain.


Stay and Accommodation

Finger rocks near Aggius

There aren’t many options in terms of hotels and accommodations in Aggius. Aggius is quite a small town and only a few tourists come to the town each year. There are a handful of small hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in Aggius where visitors can stay if they plan to spend the night in the town. Most hotels in Aggius offer simple and comfortable rooms which are not very expensive. Some of the most well known hotels in Aggius are Agrituristica II Muto Di Gallura, Dove Allogiare and Agrituristica Ventura.


Eating in Aggius

There are a few good restaurants, pizzerias and bars where visitors can eat. Tourists will mainly find the locals dining at these old fashioned restaurants. The food served is mainly simple, rustic country style dishes that are typical to the region. There are also a few taverns and bars that serve good wines and light appetizers. Some of the best places to try in Aggius are Dove Mangiare, Pizzeria Trattoria Calimero, Ristorante Pizzeria Miramonti and Ristorante Pizzeria La Ginestre.


Shopping in Aggius

Aggius has a few good places where tourists can shop. The older section of the town has an old fashioned market that has shops that sell everything from food items, clothing, shoes and local crafts. There are some good shops where the local artisans sell wooden artifacts, terracotta pottery and cooking utensils and other items. The weekly markets in Aggius are colorful and lively and are still very traditional in nature. Aggius is an agricultural town so visitors would find good quality olive oil, cheese and fruits in the market. Good quality Italian wine can also be purchased in Aggius.

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