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Lake Coghinas

Lake Coghinas - Panorama
Lake Coghinas – Panorama

Lake Coghinas is part of the Sassari Province in the Monte Acuto territory. The lake dates back to the year 1927 when it was artificially created through a dam on a river in Limbara. The river itself starts at Punta Palai and flows to the Asinara Gulf. It runs parallel to the Marghine Goceano Mountains in their final stretch and is known as Rio Mannu di Ozieri.

The lake is 185 meters in length and is 58 meters wide and is especially important since it supplies water and also because it serves as an important hydro electric power plant. Lake Coghinas is also an important area from a naturalistic point of view even though it has been artificially created. Today the lake has become a rich ecosystem and is home to several bird and aquatic species.

Lake Coghinas - A View of the Flora
Lake Coghinas – A View of the Flora

Its rich flora and fauna makes it an interesting place for nature lovers and for those who are interesting in bird watching. Plenty of tourists are attracted to the area, especially in recent times since many outdoor activities have been promoted like water sports, sport fishing, canoeing and water skiing. Also, the lake is the starting point for plenty of trails in the area of Monte Acuto. The trails lead to the countryside, which is filled with plenty of beautiful woods and vegetation.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Lake Coghinas

Lake Coghinas - Casteldoria Castle Within the River Coghinas
Lake Coghinas – Casteldoria Castle Within the River Coghinas

Tula is a small village located on the northern side of Campo di Ozieri. The village is located at the foot of the plateau of Su Sassu and there are beautiful views of the Chilvani plain.

If visiting Tula consider visiting the remains of Santa Maria of Coros Church, a 12th century structure made of grey and pink trachyte, or San Pietro at Sa Sia Merita, which offers gorgeous views of the lake. The village of Tula is charming and quaint with narrow, winding streets and several piazzas. Its Church of Sant’Elena has a beautiful polyptych of the Trinity, along with paintings of the Visitation and the Adoration of the Three Kings.

Several small, special events take place in the village like the feast of the patron saint, Sant’Elena, and the feasts of San Pietro, Saints of Coros and San Giuseppe. The annual Carp Festival is also quite famous. Held in the month of August at the edge of the lake where participants can sample many types of fish, especially carp.

Lake Coghinas - Aerial View
Lake Coghinas – Aerial View – Photo courtesy of Daygum/Wikimedia
Oschiri - Nostra Signora di Castro Church
Oschiri – Nostra Signora di Castro Church – Photo courtesy of Muesse/Wikimedia

Another beautiful village located on the bank of Lake Coghinas is Oschiri. The village in located in the Gallura area and is located at a height of 280 meters in the valley of Limbara Lerno. Several birds such as beautiful pink flamingoes can be found in the area.

One of the best places to visit in Oschiri is its charming historic center, which is quite interesting because of its urban layout and is very admired by architecture lovers. Su Filigosu is also quite an important place to visit for those who love nature. The area is known for its many nature trails where tourists can participate in outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Along the way there are many rest areas with good facilities where it is possible to observe animals like moufflons, fallow deer, Sardinian deer and boars.

Oschiri - Archaelogical Remains
Oschiri – Archaelogical Remains – Photo courtesy of wolandazazello/Flickr

Various archeological remains have been found in the area such as the Giants, Dolmens and chamber tombs, which have been very well preserved and can be visited by tourists. Other monuments include the 12th century Nostra Signora of Castro church. The Romanesque church is quite historically important and was built in pink trachyte and is decorated with a large bell gable.

Other monuments include the Castle of Castro’s ruins, which had been built in the typical medieval style. Only the ruins remain today, but they can be visited by tourists. Other ruins like those of San Pietro, San Demetrio and Nostra Signora of Othi, can also be toured.

The village is especially famous for its Panada festival, held each year in the month of August. The festival is held by the manufacturers of Panada and the comune of Oschiri. The festival is quite enjoyable for those who cherish great wine and food. Savory pastries filled with meat and diverse flavors, are especially famous and praised. The Panada is quite a unique dish and every year food lovers from all over the world travel to the village for this festival and a taste of their own.

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