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Photography Services


Italian Commercial and Industrial Photography

Photographer Pasquale Comegna aims to bring the creative spontaneity of professional photojournalism to commercial clients. He can produce dynamic images for your company, always working to satisfy your needs. From company brochures and website images to promotional materials and framed images, Pasquale offers a fluid and reliable service. Whatever your company size or needs, he can tailor his services to deliver what you require.

Photojournalism and Reportage

Pasquale can supply your Italian imaging needs. Whether you work in publishing, magazines, newspapers, picture research, picture libraries or any other field that requires quality pictures, Pasquale is looking to work with you. We are available to be commissioned at very reasonable rates and can supply you with negatives/digital files or prints.

Pasquale Comegna has been a professional photographer since 1988 and his portfolio includes clients like the University of Rome “La Sapienza.”the Lateran University and several theaters in Rome. Pasquale has directed the Immagina studio, a focal point for Roman photographers, for many years. He was awarded the Sebastiano Oschman Gradenico prize and has also worked for the German newspaper Bild Zeitung. Currently, Pasquale is a collaborator for Where magazine. His work covers various sectors including photoreporting for special or current events, architecture, still life, style, advertising and publicity and ceremonies.


Photographic Reportage Services:

  • Real estate photography – indoor, outdoor, day or night
  • Pasquale has thousands of stock images of Italy
  • Architectural photography
  • Archeological site images
  • Magazine-ready photos
  • Digital photos
  • Sports team photographs
  • Photographs of cars, boats and motorcycles
  • Available to photograph reunions, parties and events  
  • Wedding events
  • Will create digital photographs for your project and burn them onto a CD
  • Can produce color photographic prints or 35 mm color slide
  • Images delivered on CD-R, floppy disk or via e-mail
  • Web page-ready images
  • Many existing stock photographs available


Photographic reportage for cultural or current events: from 400 Euros

Photographic reportage of interior design or hotel decor: from 300 Euros

Photographic reportage of theater or special events: from 300 Euros

Private Events: from 400 Euros


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