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Dating news: masks with a red heart to spot Italian singles

Anything can be sad, except that Italians are not creative! Italian singles invented a red glitter heart on the mask to recognize each other at the supermarket!
Do you think that to meet singles you have to spend days on social networks or dating apps? Maybe you could just go to the grocery store!

The pandemic and the dating world

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If being single can be hard sometimes, the pandemic made the life of Italian singles even more difficult. It has been a year of on-and-off lockdowns, moreover, social distancing has further reduced possibilities for Italian singles to meet. The dating world is changing and adapting to new conditions. How can singles meet if it is not possible to organize events or gatherings? The Milanese Roberto Pacchiarini, better known as Roberto Dellanotte, has maybe found an answer. He launched his social experiment: “Let’s not lose the opportunity to socialize, every occasion is a good one”, he says.

A red glitter on the mask: how to recognize Italian singles

Italian singles

Roberto Dellanotte launched “the singles shopping”.
The idea comes from an initiative of 2015, now under the pandemic version adaptation. The first event took place in seventy supermarkets in Northern Italy. Singles had to place a red tie or a red ribbon on the cart to be recognized by others wanting to meet new people. Due to the restrictions imposed by a coronavirus, going to the supermarket is now one of the only social occasions. Dellanotte invites Italian singles to decorate their masks with a little glitter heart to wear when they go shopping. The idea is to simply allow oneself to be recognized as single and willing to meet new people.

Masks for Italian singles: how the idea came to life

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With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the occasions to socialize became fewer and fewer. People have been wearing a mask for more than a year. The 48-years-old Dellanotte thought that displaying a recognizable sign on the mask could help people looking for a partner. He chose the heart as a sign of love and the glitter to make it shine.

The social experiment comes from a long experience in singles events. In fact, Dellanotte has participated in the creation of many singles events since 2002, for instance, the “Dinner of strangers”, a format that worked in Italy until February 2020 with an average of 50 dinners organized per week throughout Italy. Strangers gathered together for a dinner with the aim of meeting new people.

Italian singles in search of a partner are suffering during the pandemic, dating became hard, moreover, they are now facing an approaching issue. It is now much more difficult than in the pre-covid era to interpret signs. Masks cover people’s faces, so it is impossible to spot a smile or an expression on other people’s faces. How can singles understand if the other person might be interested? The heart is only a sign that helps those who choose to wear it to socialize. People can buy them on Amazon or make them on their own!

Can this be a possible solution for struggling singles during the pandemic? Can the initiative help socialize? Maybe not, but it could be worth a try. Perhaps someone can find himself engaged, while he just went to buy milk!

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2 years ago

I will print a lot of little hearts ahah

2 years ago

I love the idea, it’s so cue !