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Breaking news: new Etna eruption, red alert

Etna erupted again on the night of July 7th after several days of intracrateric activity. After 4 years of silence, majestic and fascinating, it has both enchanted and worried the residents of the Etnean towns, and the phenomenon was visible to the naked eye. These days, however, it’s not just Etna’s eruption that is drawing attention but also the awakening of Stromboli, located about 200 km away. A captivating and fascinating coincidence that is fueling a red alert.

Red alert for Stromboli and nearby areas

The eruption ceased around 10 this morning, after an intense night marked by fear, fascination, and astonishment. At the moment, it is still possible to see the ash cloud, 5 km high, moving southwards (towards Africa).

After 4 years of silence, the giant of Sicily has made itself heard again: a 9 km eruptive column above sea level has mesmerized the inhabitants along the Zaffarea Etna-Giarre axis.

Despite the red alert for Stromboli, authorities have not yet canceled flights arriving at Catania airport, named after Vincenzo Bellini.

To keep the situation under control, as much as possible, the authorities have reinforced their presence. The officials have increased law enforcement presence to provide peace of mind to the citizens.

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The Vesuvius Observatory reassures us, there is no need to worry

Although both Stromboli and Etna are in turmoil at the moment with heightened activity, there seems to be no reason to worry. The two volcanoes are indeed located in a very similar territorial context, but they have different origins and are not connected.

Etna eruption - Forecast model indicating ash dispersion
Forecast model indicating ash dispersion (green) | Credit

The only difficulty appears to be managing the two eruptions and containing potential local damage, but there are no other risks. The ash deposited by the two volcanoes certainly requires an intense effort to ensure the cleanliness of the airport and normal road traffic, but the volcanologists reassure us that we are returning to normal volcanic activity.

It certainly cannot be guaranteed that there won’t be other eruptions to follow, but for now, after last night’s worsening, the situation seems to be slowly returning to normal.

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