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The Amalfi lemon coffee: a summer tradition to try

In the past, it was considered an excellent remedy for headaches, and some even say for stomach disorders too. However, the tradition of lemon coffee is very ancient, and if we focus on the renowned Amalfi Coast, we understand that there is much more to discover.

 The lemon gardens of the Amalfi Coast

Have you ever heard of lemon gardens? Along the Amalfi Coast, between Amalfi, Cetara, Furore, Minori, Positano, Ravello, Scala, and Vietri sul Mare, the production of the prized Costa d’Amalfi IGP lemons is concentrated.

Amalfi Lemons
Currently, around 8,000 tons of lemons are produced each year on 400 hectares of cultivation.

Paintings from the 9th century already depict Amalfi with its extensive lemon groves, considered true gardens. But the history of lemons here is more than just visual beauty: they were once essential in combating a serious widespread disease, scurvy, caused by a lack of vitamin C.

Since the 15th century, sailors on voyages always kept lemons in the hold to protect themselves. During those years, the lemon market thrived not only for its distinctive flavor but also for its preventive power against scurvy.

This millennia-old tradition continues to live on today, with Costa d’Amalfi IGP lemons not only enriching the landscape but also representing a heritage of health and culture that has been passed down for centuries.

Coffee with lemon peel

Coffee with lemon peel… a winning idea!

A strange, extravagant, but winning combination. Coffee with Costa d’Amalfi IGP lemon peel is an icon of the Amalfi Coast. It may not be a taste for everyone, as the combination can seem a bit forced and not suitable for more delicate palates, but it is certainly an Italian experience worth trying.

For a proper lemon coffee, the lemon peel is placed on the espresso cup before pouring the coffee. This way, when pouring the hot coffee, all the acidic aromas of the lemon are released and… magic!

Costa d’Amalfi IGP lemons are among the most renowned nationally today and still symbolize the Amalfi Coast.

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