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Discovering the town of Vinci, Tuscany

Explore the town of Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo, with Life in Italy. Here are all the highlights for visitors.

Vinci the birthplace of Leonardo

Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo.

This is a charming, tiny, and Tuscan town. It only spreads over an area of 54 sq km and it counts 14,000 people. The economy of Vinci is based on agriculture. Like the production of wine and olive oil, pottery, and items like furniture. In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci was born in a small farmhouse, just 5 miles from the center of the town.

What to do in Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo

What can visitors do here? Good news: there is something for anyone. Still, the main attractions in Vinci are all related to Leonardo Da Vinci.

Casa Di Leonardo

The Casa Di Leonardo is where the famous artist was born. Indeed, it’s that small farmhouse located 5 miles from town. The house has been restored to look like Vinci’s times. There are various reproductions of some of his works. While the major original art works have already been moved to museums.

Museo Leonardiano

This museum is part of the Guide castle, a building from the 12th century. You can’t miss it: it’s on a hilltop overlooking town. The museum takes up three floors of the castle. Here, visitors can find the creator’s original designs from Leonardo’s notebook.

For example, the ground floor features forty different models of various machines. The first floor showcases several machines and equipments, still in full working condition. Furthermore, on the second floor, visitors can find videos and audios about the inventor.

The Ideal Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci

Right in the castle of Vinci, sits this museum, in the heart of the wine vaults. The ideal museum of Leonardo Da Vinci is located in the castle of Vinci in the wine vaults. The museum showcases the fusion of Leonardo’s personality and his art works. Also, it tells the inventor’s story.

Chiesa Di Santa Croce

Apart from the three attractions related to Leonardo Da Vinci, Vinci also has a few other places to visit. Like the church of the Holy Cross, small yet beautiful. Inside, there are charming art works and an elegant altar.

Vinci the birthplace of Leonardo

Getting to Vinci

Vinci is close to Florence, so reaching the town is easy. The best public transportation is the bus. There are also many buses that reach Vinci from the other smaller towns in the province of Florence. Make sure you check the updated schedule, perhaps at the bus station.

Where to stay in Vinci

Vinci the birthplace of Leonardo

Eating in Vinci

There are a handful of good restaurants, bars, trattorias and pizzerias in Vinci where tourists can get an opportunity to interact with the locals and sample some local dishes. The restaurants here mainly serve simple Tuscan and Italian food which is heavily based on sea food, pasta, local cheese and fresh produce.

Some of the best known restaurants in town are Ristorante La Torretta, Ristorante Leonardo, Pizzeria La Mona Lisa Di Cerbioni and Ristorante La Limoaia. There are also a few good bars and taverns in Vinci where the locals hang out after work.

Shopping in Vinci

There are a few places in Vinci where tourists can shop. Close to the center of the town there are several shops that sell locally made handicrafts and products like clothes, pottery, terracotta products and cooking vessels, jewelry, furniture and wooden items and souvenirs.

Vinci is also known for its vineyards and its olive grooves that produce some of the best quality olives, olive oils and wine. The best thing to purchase in Vinci would be bottles of good quality extra virgin olive oil, tinned olives and local wines that are made from the grapes from the surrounding vineyards.

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Some useful information before heading to town.

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