Verona with Children II

Verona Tours and Itineraries – Verona with Kids II



Verona is a great city to visit when traveling in Italy and can be very enjoyable with kids as well. There are a lot of activities for families to experience together in Verona. You will be able to make wonderful memories as an entire family. The cobblestone streets and majestic castle are picturesque and surreal. As a matter of fact, the balcony of Romeo and Juliet rests here, with the grand gold statue of Juliet herself. Although this City will always be known and remembered for the star-crossed lovers of Romeo and Juliet, it’s truly so much more as well. Verona actually rests up against the Adige River, which swirls in and out of the City, and is known for being the “Gateway to Italy”. The background of mountains and the decadent stone streets creates a fairy tale of sort’s experience. The beauty is grand and priceless. Verona has emerged as the cultural and art capital of Italy. Let the tour begin!



Chiesa Di Santa Maria Antica & Arche Scaligere

This is the cities proud and famous historic church. It’s the church of the Scala family, which was founded around the 7th Century. The brick and stone architectural decoration is really a grand sight to see. The tomb of Cangradne I della Scala rests here on the high left side of the church. The children seem to enjoy this scenery as well, especially when you explain to them the historical significance. There’s a gothic canopy that presides over the breathtaking work by Bonino da Campione and Gaspare Broaspini. The detailed work is so inspiring even to children that there encouraged to bring a pad and pencil. The art work is meant to be studied slow and enjoyed, as the detail could be overwhelming and definitely missed if not given proper time.

Romeo and Juliet’s House

As mentioned before, this is a high attraction to Verona and definitely to the children; the story and history of Romeo and

The Juliet’s House with the balcony and sculpture, Verona, Italy.

Juliet. Much of this great City is formed around the historic story that took place and stands currently as a reminder of the past. The children will really enjoy seeing these two structures. Juliet’s house is much more decadent of the two; however both are grand to see. The graffiti art, balcony scene and the eye catching stone ivy wall all play into the romantic and surreal atmosphere here at Juliet’s house. This is the picture perfect postcard to send of the children on the balcony. There’s quite a bit to see and view inside both houses that are enjoyable to all.


Romeo’s house is built of brick and the original battlements, however visitors are not allowed in the courtyard. Most of Romeo’s house is viewed only from the inside.

This is part of the historic and cultural art of the city that’s also a must see for both parents and kids.


Teatro Romano & Archaeological Museum

When you’re visiting the Duomo, make a plan to visit this teatro afterwards because it’s right next door. This theater was built during the 1st Century BC. It’s age and architecture are both fascinating and an item of interest to discuss with the kids. This would be a great time to educate and teach a little history to your children. Take a moment and climb up on the ancient stage and have a family reenactment of a popular movie or play. The theater is open daily from 8am-1:30pm so make it a morning site to see.

Castel Vecchio

This is perfect for the kids! What kid doesn’t like castles? They’re mysterious, intriguing and make a great place for the

Ponte CastelVecchio in Verona with battlements against the cloudy sky

imagination. The castle was built in 1355 by Cangrande II della Scala for the military. If you would have visited the original castle you would enter into the courtyard with a small fort in the center built by Napoleon. The museum inside the castle is made for children and will do all the work for you. If this is especially a place of interest for one of the adults, the other adult can take the kids outside to play on the bridge and greenery surrounding the castle. Make sure to take your camera because this will make for great conversation when you return home. Room 7 will be the main attraction for your kids. This room has the Da Prato Collection. This collection is a compilation of ancient knives, helmets, firearms and other weapons of war. After room 7, you can take a bunch of windy stairs to the top of the castle and see the view of the city in the distance. This is another great place for a photo.



Porta Borsari

Lastly, visit some of the best preserved Roman gates. Porta Borsari is the best well kept in all of Italy. You can also visit Porta dei Leoni and the Porta Palio. All three of these gates date back to the second half of the 1st Century. This would make for another great opportunity for a history lesson.


Verona’s sights, smells and overall atmospheric tone are priceless and unique. The fact that all three major Roman roads started in Verona says a lot of where the city still is today. It’s the starting place, the birthplace of Roman History and essentially, Italian History. Verona has seen many battles and has survived throughout the years and proven to be a mighty city. It will be an eye-opening experience for both you and your children. It’s truly a great city to see and experience with your children and for parents as well. The culture, history and art of the city combined with the local Veronese people are a memory not easily forgotten. This city will leave you well pleased.

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