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Tune into New Italian Home Decor

Trends in Italian Decor

Home decorating, understood as a conscious effort to improve the appearance and functionality of one’s living areas, is an integral part of most Italian homes.

A lot has changed in Italian society in the last 20 to 30 years, and these changes are nowhere better reflected than in the evolution that has occurred in home decorating in this country. Italian homes now tend to be splendidly decorated, reflecting the individuality and taste of their owners. And after many years of research and commercial success there is an immense range of furnishing, decorative, building and technical materials suited to meet the most discerning and varied tastes.

“Good taste” in home decorating is no longer a stereotyped stylistic form. Without any preconceived ideas, tasteful home decorating in Italy is now recognized as the ability to furnish a home in a simplified manner with functional furniture using also some unique and beautiful art pieces.

The distinctions between living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms etc are being restored after a “revolutionary” period when large open spaces were favored as a reaction to the earlier stereotyped solutions that had prevailed for so long.

As part of the ever-increasing quest for individual well-being special attention is being given to the dining room and kitchen, places where “slow food” is glorified as part of a genteel life style in direct contrast to the much vilified “fast food” trend that is quickly losing ground in Italy after an initial period of glory. Similarly the Italian bathroom is now recognized as a place of rest and restoration, and possibly even meditation, devoted to soothing body and soul.

The newest trends in bathroom decoration and technical equipment reflect this trend. Large walk-in closets, the most up to date cleaning devices, machines that do everything from washing windows to sterilizing the floors are being housed in areas that previously were devoted to accommodating paid help.

Italian decor has been affected by changes in lifestyle. The looks is now stylish yet convenient to live in and to maintain. To get the new looks of Italian decor into your home, follow clean lines, a user-friendly attitude, and the intelligent quirkiness of Italian style.




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