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Italian names N-Z

Have the baby name hand painted on an Italian ceramic set

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Nina Female  
Nicola Male  
Nino Male God is gracious. From the name Gianni and Giovanni. 
Nunzio Male A messenger. 
Olga Female  
Oreste Male  
Orlando Male  
Osvaldo Male  
Orazio Male From a Roman family name. 
Orfeo Male A name from ancient mythology. 
Orlando Male Italian form of Roland. Famed throughout the land. The name of Shakespeare’s hero in As You Like It. 
Ornella Female A flowering Ash tree. 
Ortense Female The garden lover. 
Ortensia Female The garden lover. 
Otello Male Italian forms of Otto. Rich, prosperous. 
Othello Male Prosperous. 
Ottavia Female The eighth. 
Ottavio Male The eighth born. 
Pancrazio male supreme ruler, all powerful 
Pamela Female  
Pasquale Male  
Patrizia Female  
Paola Female Small. Feminine form of Paul. 
Paolo Male Italian form of Paul. Small. 
Perla Female A little sphere. 
Phebe Female Radiant, bright. The name of a Greek deity. 
Piero Male A stone or rock. Also see Ferris, Parkin and Pierson. 
Pietro Male A stone or rock. Also see Ferris, Parkin and Pierson. 
Pino Male A lover of horses. From the name names such as Filippo. See Philip. 
Raffaele Male God heals, or healed by God. 
Raul Male The counsel of the wolf. A fearless adviser. Also see Rolf and Rudolph. 
Rachele Female  
Rita Female  
Roberto Male  
Rossana Female  
Rosaria Female  
Ruggero Male  
Rinaldo Male A wise and powerful ruler. Also see Reginald, Reynold and Ronson. 
Roderigo Male A renowned ruler. 
Rodolfo Male A famous wolf. Also see Ralph and Rolf. 
Rodrigo Male A renowned ruler. 
Romana female from Rome 
Rosa Female The flower Rose (Rosa). Also:From the word for a horse. 
Rosalba Female A white rose. 
Rosetta Female The flower Rose (Rosa). Also:From the word for a horse. 
Salvatore Male Saviour. 
Sabrina Female  
Samantha Female  
Sandro Male  
Sandra Female  
Sansone Male Of the sun, or a strong man. 
Santo male a saint 
Saviero Male Of the new house. 
Serafino Male The ardent one. The masculine form of Seraphina. 
Simone Male  
Sergio Male Attendant. 
Severino Male Severe. 
Siena Female A city in Tuscany. 
Sienna female reddish brown 
Silvana Female From the forest. Also see Silvestra. 
Stefano Male A crown or garland. Also see Stevenson and Stinson. 
Stafania Female  
Silvia Female  
Silvio Male  
Sergio Male  
Tiziana Female  
Tiziano Female  
Susanna Female A Lily. From the name Susan. 
Tancredo male of thoughtful counsel 
Tommaso Male  
Teresa Female  
Ugo Male Italian form of Hugh. Heart and mind. 
Umberto Male A famous warrior. 
Valentino Male Strong, healthy. 
Vanni Female Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne. 
Varanese female  
Vedette Female A sentinel. 
Vencentio Male Conqueror, victor. 
Vincentio Male Conqueror, victor. 
Vittore Male The conqueror. Also see Vincent. 
Vittoria Female Victory, the victorious one. 
Viviana Female Lovely. 
vanda Female  
Vanessa Female  
Viviana Female  
Viola Female  
Violetta Female  
Veronica Female  
Vittorio Male  
Vittoria Female  
Walter Male  


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