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Italians have always been famous for being real charmers, but is this true, or is it simply an urban myth created by decades of stereotypes and old-fashioned movies? Based on researches, Italian men are in womens’ fantasies all around the world. Because who wouldn’t want an Italian lover, right? Let’s see some facts about Italian men, and also some stereotypes about Italian men that you should know about!

Whether you’re one of these women or not, one thing is for sure! Italian men are very much appreciated by women, especially when they come from abroad. Let’s face it, our men have loads of characteristics not easy to find in others and are incredibly attractive! Here come the 8 facts about Italian men!

What do women like about Italian men? – 8 Facts about Italian men

Mariano di Vaio – Italian Model, actor, and entrepreneur

#1 Communication

First of all, women like Italian men because they are usually smiling, playful, and have a great sense of humor. The vast majority of Italians think it is important to have fun and make their women laugh, as good-hearted humor and smiling are the salts of life.

Most Italian men know exactly how to charm you, what they have to do and how they have to do it to get you head over hills after him. It’s a very tricky thing though, because many might be looking for just fun, and you can easily fall for the sweet compliments.

However, I think it’s definitely a huge positivity that most Italian men can communicate. You can actually sit with them and talk about things. Obviously, if you’re the type of person who they can talk to. But, when it comes to relationships, communication is a key factor. So having a man who can communicate is a big win!

I’m wondering if we should consider this first fact about Italian men as one of the stereotypes about Italian men? Maybe we shouldn’t. As we all know, Italians love chatting, and there aren’t many non-chatty Italians out there. But, the fact of communication we mention here is obvious when it comes to one-on-one connections with women. At that point though, the ability to communicate depends on both parties.

#2 Italians love family

Italians are still linked to the concept of family and they love spending time with their wives and children. They firmly believe that sitting around a table to eat, drink and chat with their relatives is a great pleasure. However, beware of the mammone, mummy’s boy, a danger for all women, but present in every part of the world.

The family orientation of Italian men is another important thing that women love about Italians. We’re ready or not, we all have a basic instinct to want to have a family at some point. Even if those who don’t admit it! The importance of family in Italy makes these men even more charming and attractive. They can easily give you that feeling of security and harmony, that you’re seeking once you’re ready to settle down.

#3 Handsome and good lovers!

italian men

Italian men have been considered, at least in the collective imagination of women all over the world, sexy lovers for ages. Today, thanks to a recent survey, it appears the myth of the Latin Lover has been finally confirmed! Apparently, this survey carried out before casting the protagonist for an advertising campaign requiring a “male kisser,” showed that Italians are considered the best lovers in the world by foreign women.

The survey was based on 3000 tourists who were asked to give their opinion about the perfect “kisser.” Italians won, defeating their historic rivals, the French. It wasn’t only for kisses they were chosen! Through passion, the ability to comfort during difficult times, their personality, and their charm made them the real winners of the prize for best men in the world.

Take it from someone who lives in Italy but has been living around Europe for many years, that one of the stereotypes about Italian men, they are hot and handsome is absolutely true. Obviously, not of all of them.

Even if we speak about hot Italian men, we all know that beauty is not enough. So if you’re up for a hot flirt with an Italian man, or you’re looking for some fun, go for it! However, when it comes to committed relationships with an Italian man, especially if you’re a picky girl, it will become extremely hard to find the right guy! As I said, being handsome isn’t always enough.

#4 Italian men and flirting

Italians have a reputation for being charming and incredibly flirtatious. Some women would say that, for Italians, it is a natural aptitude and they flirt regularly and naturally because they love women. Surely, not all Italian men are like this, but it is true many women share this opinion about our boys: something to be certainly proud of!

What can be really tricky about this is if you’re not used to it. If you’re arriving from a country where men don’t overwhelm you with compliments and sweet nothings, you can fall into the trap of Italian men very easily. Imagine if you’re talking to a hottie, and he keeps complimenting your outlook, your personality, he touches your hand, and he’s dropping a seed here and there such as “we could do that together”. Or “we could go there”, “we could try it”… It’s a simple psychological trigger that they use because it works great.

What is the trigger? The WE! A woman, unconsciously are attracted to the idea of we, because that’s suggesting love, future, stability, romance, family, etc. So we can easily fall for these sweet words, while they might not even think it through and take it seriously. They just want to conquer you. And with giving you hopes for a long-term possibility, a future together, they can win easily over anyone who believes them. There are some who don’t hesitate to spread sweet things like you’re perfect or you’re like the woman of my dreams after the first date. If you want to protect yourself, or if you’re looking to actually get that man for the long term, you better don’t fall for these words.

Flirting doesn’t mean they would be lying, but they love to please the other person, and they do love to see that other person fall for them. In the beginning! Then, if you want to continue seeing your Italian lover, you better continue getting him to chase you! Not just for days, but for weeks, and even months with some. The best picks are settling down very hard, and the only person who can get Italian men to settle down is the one who’s really interesting and attractive, but really hard to get!

#5 What about the bad boys?

Michele Morrone, Italian model, actor, singer – photo from GUESS

And here we go! Bad boys… Within Italian men, you can find so many bad boys. The basic stereotypes about Italian men start with this category. We all know those beautiful, handsome charmers that we turn around on the street to watch just for a little bit longer, right?

The ones you spot first in a bar, those who have style, confidence, amazing body, and an irresistible charm! I choose for this point with purpose the picture of Michele Morrone. I don’t know how he is in reality, but his movie that’s super popular on Netflix, 365 Days is a great show to see how these Italian charmer bad boys are. I’m not talking about the guns though (movie), but the way they act, they look, they behave. Michele’s character is a great example of this man type.

They know that they can get whoever they want to get because they are aware of their outlook and they do use it to get what they want. These bad boys are present worldwide, and in each culture, they function more or less the same way. So as for other cultures, for these handsomes in Italy as well the only key is for you to be strong, irresistible, and smart! You need to be very smart, and let him chase you. Don’t fall for those sweet nothings, and don’t chase him! Never!

#6 Mammoni – Mamma’s Boy

Another side of Italian men that can be rather unpleasant is their difficulty, at times, to ease out the influence their mothers have on them. Italian women, it is well known, are strong and assertive and they do tend to become good, but at times overpowering mothers.

Today especially, in a time when the masculine ideal embodied by our grandfathers and fathers’ generations – that of manners, strength, and sense of independence – has been substituted by icons of somehow weaker masculinity, mothers have become more than ever queen bees and mother hens. Moreover, the difficulty to find financial and professional stability early in life, because of the economical crisis, made living at home with one’s parents normal even up to the age of 30 or 35.

Speaking of which, if you’re into an Italian man, and you’re seeking something serious, you better learn how to handle this. And you better not be in a bad relationship with your Italian mother-in-law!

#7 Marry an Italian man? Marriage facts about Italian men

Alright, so if you’re over the flirting phase, the relationship phase, and you’re looking for something really serious with Italian men, we must talk about marriage. Italian men are family-oriented, right? That’s what we said as well… However, getting married and settling down young, well that worked 50 years ago, but not today.

The way to the altar with an Italian man is very long. First of all, getting, especially a handsome one, to call your his girlfriend is already a tricky game to win. The existential crisis, the thought about being too young, or they are just simply not grown up enough are on one side the challenges. The fact that they have to settle down, for good, well that’s something they really like to take their time to think it through. Giving up the freedom, to date whoever and whenever they want isn’t easy.

But again, high-value women can get high-value men. A smart, strong, and confident woman, who’s not needy, pushy, or hysterical, can win. And each woman should be like this. Why you wouldn’t value yourself more than a man? Or why you wouldn’t be happy without a man? Maybe you’ve learned this lesson, maybe not, but I must tell you anyway!

Prioritizing yourself, developing yourself, having your own life, and being happy on your own is much more attractive than somebody who’s seeking happiness from others because she can’t find it by herself. Nobody wants to be a support for the other person. We all want harmony in our relationships and not dependence. Within Italian men, this is especially true these days.

#8 Cultural differences exist, but the basic human nature is the same everywhere

Yes, Italian men can be more charming, better lovers, better flirters, and speak a language that you’re melting from. But there are way too many stereotypes about Italian men. Not everyone is the same, and they are not all bad boys, or mamma’s boys, or whatever. The basic man types that you find in Italy, you can find anywhere around the world. The way they think is more or less the same, just the culture and a part of mentality is different. Keep this in mind!

So what did we learned after these 8 facts about Italian men?

So these were our 8 facts about Italian men that we wanted to highlight for everyone interested in the topic.

Are these negative characteristics typical of the Italian man, or are they widespread everywhere in the world? Certainly, men’s bad behavior has been on Italian headlines quite a lot in the past few years. It is true that there is more than a seed of truth when we say that “gli Italiani sono mammoni,” that Italians are too attached to their mothers. It is also true, though, that sleazy billionaires and men suffering from the “eternal teenager” syndrome are very much a fact all over the world, and not only in Italy.

So, I believe we should really follow a popular Italian saying, “mal comune, mezzo gaudio:” everybody’s pain is almost like happiness, and look at it positively! Italian men have defects indeed, but they are handsome, charming and they certainly know how to make a woman smile. And that, yes, they do it like no one else in the world!

Everything else about hot Italian men or stereotypes about Italian men are relative. Every person is different, with a different life story and a different personality. In Italy, as in any other country, you can find all types of men and women, and while there are a few common things about Italian men, we shouldn’t judge anyone based on the cover!
Original article written by Anna de Filippo – Updated in 2021

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3 years ago

I missed it so much during this period. I look forward to your beautiful letters, gentle caresses and kisses … I love you all

Bryce Bertolino
4 years ago

I am so humored by this. I and a few other american males of italian extract were attending school in Italy where we were out numbered by the women. The women decided they wanted the “full Italian” experience. It took about two weeks before the intramural flirting began.
Their change in attitude: we respected women, no meant no, mom was 8000 miles away, we were teachable, what we didnt know… and as a rule we were 5 to 6″ taller. Not fair I had Norwegian in me.