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Italian Food Recipes

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After reading articles upon articles about Italian food, it’s now time to try and make your own dishes, Italian style.
There are lots of original and traditional Italian recipes out there, but our Italian food recipes are authentic Italian food recipes written by Italians, living in Italy. So in these pages you’ll find recipes the way they are made in Italy, not some vague recollection of how nana did it, using parsley instead of oregano, because it’s easier to find.

Can this old-world culinary sensibility ever be made compatible with a modern, highly mobile society dependent on the automobile and vast mega-markets with immense shopping carts? With all that is microwavable, deep-freezable, shelf stable? By carefully leavening such expediency with local farmers’ markets and quality purveyors of fresh food, an acceptable working relationship between two seemingly opposite points of view can be achieved.

The adaptation might offer a fine solution: convenience married to quality. But where compromises must be made, convenience, not quality, should be the first to give way.

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