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This town of Corinaldo in the Marche region of Italy, located in the province of Ancona, boasts of some splendid historical places of interest. Corinaldo has managed to preserve some of the rare collection of art works and is known for some of its neoclassical and Renaissance style buildings. Besides, the imposing structure of the defense fortifications dating back to the 14th century are also some of the notable characteristics of this town. It is also the birthplace of St. Maria Goretti and every year a festival is held to commemorate this occasion. Some of the buildings and historic places found here reflect artistic excellence such as the Claudio Ridolfi art gallery. Besides, the theatre Carlo Goldoni is worth visiting to catch a glimpse of the coffered ceiling.


There are lot of places of religious significance found around Corinaldo including the St. Maria Goretti sanctuary along with the Suffragia and Addolorata churches dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Corinaldo’s charm lies in its old and distinct style buildings and religious monuments with beautiful frescoes and interesting architecture.

Moreover, Corinaldo is surrounded by blue mountains of the Apennines along with the Adriatic Sea and the velvet beach attracts the attention of the tourists.


Corinaldo’s walls


Places of interest around Corinaldo

Corinaldo is located in a strategic position between Ancona and Urbino, surrounded by the majestic defense walls of this region. The complete circuit tour encompasses 912 meters long walk where one can get a wonderful glimpse of the gates, towers, ramparts along with the Ghibelline battlements including the walkways. The heart of Corinaldo comprises of the Piaggia, which is a stairway having 100 steps where the red brick houses combine to form a herringbone pattern. In this town, you can come across plenty of historical and religious places of interest. Besides, some of the civic buildings found here such as the Palazzo Communale or the Town hall represent some of the best examples of neoclassical architecture. Some of the places worth visiting include the Casa del Trecento, Municipal theater along with the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Goretti and the ancient medieval church of San Nicolo.


Here, you can find some beautiful work of Baroque architecture along with different works of art collection including a wooden choir and a Callido organ. Yet another interesting structure is the Tower of The Sperone, which stands at 18 meters tall and resembles the shape of a pentagon. This structure has been designed by the architect, Franceso di Girogia Martini and has undergone renovation many times. The other towers worth visiting include the Mangano and Calcinaro along this region. As you travel further beginning from the Rotonda, you arrive at Landroni which is a walkway surrounded by an entrance taking you across to the 17th century buildings across Via del Corso.


Church in Corinaldo


If you are keen on seeing some defense fortifications, then a visit to the Porta San Giovanni can be considered along this tour. Here, you can find many defense architecture on display and get a glimpse of the range of loopholes, corbels including battelements.


How to reach Corinaldo

Corinaldo is accessible from some of the nearest airports such as Ancona Falconara, Frontone, Rimini along with Bologna and Forli. Besides, train services are also available for reaching this destination or you can even consider driving by car by following the given directions.

Hotels and accommodation

There are plenty of different styles of accommodation offered in Corinaldo for the tourists, which guarantee a comfortable stay and pleasure of living amidst the peaceful surroundings. You can choose from Bed & Breakfast inns or even apartments comprising of a living room, open kitchen and a bedroom along with all the essential equipments required for a comfortable living. The room tariffs usually vary according to the season and different rates may apply depending on the availability and demand for the rooms. The best way to choose hotels for staying in Corinaldo is by doing an online search and gathering all the relevant information about the discount deals available on them.


One of the vital benefits of making hotel reservations in advance is to gain access to the best rooms within your defined budget range so that you can enjoy a pleasant vacation when you travel to Corinaldo.



Eating and drinking

Corinaldo offers a range of dishes including some of the best local cuisines made using local ingredients and select products such as extra virgin olive oil, honey, sausages along with different kinds of bread. In addition, there are many restaurants who serve some of the best Italian delicacies with an extensive selection of menu for the delight of their customers. You can also find some traditional recipes coming from generations offered in some of these Italian restaurants and enjoy them to your heart’s content.


Passatelli in capon broth along with Vincigrasse, which is a form of baked lasagna combined with tomato sauce are some of the special offerings of this region. In addition, pasta, roasted goose accompanied by herbs such as sage and rosemary topped with roasted potatoes cannot be missed in some of these Corinaldo restaurants.


Events and festivals


Stairs and well in Corinaldo


There are lot of events and festivals held in Corinaldo every year including the jazz festival along with the national photographic competition. International music festival is also held here regularly and along with St. Maria Goretti celebrations it forms an important occasion every year.


Corinaldo has something to offer to everyone ranging from its historical attractions to some of the fine examples of architecture, which inspire visitors coming to this region. The calm, tranquil and scenic surroundings offer a much needed respite from the busy and stress filled lives of the cities and provide the much needed change on a vacation. While staying in some of the best hotels in Corinaldo, you can also experience the warmth and hospitality extended to the visitors by the friendly staff. The unique and distinct culture of this Marche region overwhelms the visitors and offers them a glimpse of the past history of this region.

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Gail (montesi) Siclari
3 years ago

I will be visiting Corinaldo in early May. Inam looking for a hotel right in the center of Corinaldo with a king size bed, shower, and air conditioning. Could you recomend somewhere to say.? My grandfather Olympio Montesi, born 1901, son of Domenic Montesi was born in Corinaldo and I am trying to find the address of his ancesterol home. Could you recomend where I may find that? Thank you