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Shopping in Le Marche

Cantiano – Women in Medieval costumes

Marche is a region in Italy which literally means in Italian “the Marches”. The region had been named so because of the March of Ancona during the medieval times and the marches of Fermo and Camerino. The region is located in central Italy and shares a border with San Marino, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo and Lazio.

The Adriatic Sea is located to the east of the region. The landscape on which Marche is located is quite hilly except for the narrow coast and the river valleys in the region. In the 19th century, a railway line from the city of Bologna to Brindisi had linked the region to the coast of the whole territory. Except for the rough narrow roads even today travelling to the south and north is quite difficult.

Typical Products

The Marche region until recent decades had been considered to be a poor region. The economy of the region is mainly dependent on agriculture and food industry and on cattle breeding. Mache is especially known for its many unique sausages and hams which are prepared in the region in traditional methods even today. The Ciauscolo sausage is made from pork belly and is seasoned with orange peel, fennel, pepper and salt, dried and cured. Other unique sausages in the region are coppa, salame lardellato, prosciutto de Montefeltro, salame de Montefeltro, salame de Fabriano, fegatino, soppressata da Fabriano and mazzafegato da Fabriano.

Marche’s Landscape

Although the region is not typically known for its dairy products, there are still a few good varieties of local cheeses. The most important cheese in the region is Casciotta d’Urbino which is eaten by the locals all through the day. The region specializes in cheeses like pecorino, caciotte and ricotta. The rennet cheese that is made in the region is made in still the same way as it had been centuries ago.

Outdoor Markets

Fontanellato Market – Photo courtesy of Balu1/Flickr

In the region of Marche, visitors would find plenty of flea markets and outdoor markets in all the cities, towns and even in many smaller villages of the region. These markets are the best places to shop since they allow visitors to purchase good quality locally made handicrafts at comparatively lower prices than the stores.

In the town of Fontanellato every month on the third Sunday a very large market is held. There are more than 250 stalls at the market where the vendors sell all types of antiques. There are a few scientific instruments, medieval weapons and all types of old decorative items. The market is great even for those who just want to stroll around. In the city of Modena every month on the fourth Sunday a large market is held in the Novi Sad Park. This is known to be one of the best markets in the entire region. At this market visitors would find plenty of good antiques and items at low prices. In Tolentino every year in August on the fourth weekend there is a large market in Palazzo Fiduzio and Sala San Giacomo. This market is a good place for collectors since there are many old coins, maps and objects sold.

In Ascoli Piceno, a large market takes place every month on the third weekend in the cloister of the Saint Francesco church. In this market visitors would find precious local ceramics at bargain prices. The location of the market itself is quite beautiful if nothing else. Other markets take place in the towns of Parma, Brisighella and Rimini.

Shopping in Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno – Main square

Ascoli Piceno is a small city in the Marche region which is often overlooked by tourists. However, the city is absolutely charming and has a lot of places where visitors would be able to find a lot of locally made products which are typical to the region. In Ascoli Piceno visitors should definitely visit the Mercantino dell’antiquariato which is an ancient market specializing in antiques. The area has many narrow old streets which are lined with vendors selling authentic antiques every month on the third weekend.

Around the city there are many small factories which are known for their handmade shoes. Visitors can purchase these shoes at a very low cost, often directly from the factories. In Ascoli Piceno, there are plenty of good wine shops where visitors would be able to find good wines, grappa and a lot of other spirits. One of the most popular drinks is the Anisetta Meletti which is a distillate digester which has a sweet anise taste and is made since more than a century in the city.

Shopping in Ancona

Ancona – Mole Vanvitelliana

There are a few good places in Ancona where visitors can shop for local products. In Ancona the food markets are very colorful and lively and have a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and sea food. The best thing to purchase in Ancona is food products. There are good quality olive oils, cheese, breads, pastries and cakes available in the food stores of the city. Visitors can also purchase red and white wines from the region in the wine shops of Ancona.

Shopping in Fermo

In Fermo there are plenty of small shops which sell handicraft items which have been made locally by the artisans of the town. In the old part of the town there are also a few good places where tourists would be able to find authentic antique pieces and knick-knacks that can be purchased as souvenirs. The food stores in the town have good quality olive oil, sausages and a variety of cheeses.

Shopping in Pesaro

Pesaro – Prefecture

The older section of the town has good food stores where olive oil, cheese, Italian herb mixes and spice mixes can be found. The bakeries in Pesaro have good traditional pastries, cakes and pies which are famous in Marche. Visitors can also purchase good quality wines in the city.

Shopping in Macerata

Plenty of good handicraft and souvenir shops are located in the older part of the city. There are also a few good wine shops that sell regional wines.

Clothes, Sports shops, Accessories, Shoe shops, House & Home, Gastronomy, Lingerie shops, Kids

*All shops closed on Sundays unless otherwise indicated

Armani Factory Store

Via Merloni, 10
tel 07-3784233
Matelica (Mc)
Tues-Sat 930-1 \ 3-730
From Ancona take strada statale (SS) 76 to the intersection of Matelica. You’ll find the shop 600 meters from the Matelica sign, and it’s on your right

Articles you’ll find are for Women, Men and children alike.
Collections include; Armani Collezione, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior and Armani Casa; from Tailleur to t-shirts, and from jeans to accessori for the beach, lingerie, clothes for tots and outfits for evening.

Nazareno Gabrielli Multifirme
Contrada Cisterna, 63
tel 07-33960800
Tolentino (Mc)
Tues-Sat 9-1230 \ 4-8
Autostrada-Highway A14, exit Civitanova Marche, then take the SS for Tolentino
Save 25-50%

A fine place to come to for clothing and leather goods; for purses and shoes. And for classic clothing, tailleur clothes for both men and women.

Via Luigi Albertini,12
tel 07-187171
Thurs, Fri & Sat 10-1 \ 2-7 Sundays 3-7 Closed Mon-Tues-Wed
Highway-Autostrada A14, exit Ancona Sud, then follow for Zona Baraccola
Save 50%

The most famed Tuscan of Montevarchi– this shop is vast and organized like a boutique with dressing rooms and a competent staff. For sale: all brand names of Milanese origin; Prada, Prada Sport, Miu Miu, Byblos and Helmut Lang.

Items include; purses, clothing and shoes for men and women
P.S. For women’s sizes 42-48 they offer a bonus discount

Tombolini-Area T Outlet Moda
Contrada Rancia, 8
tel 07-33961735
Tolentino (Mc)
Wed-Fri 930-1 \ 330-8 Monday 4-8 Saturday 10-830 Sunday 330-8pm
Autostrada-highway A14 exit Civitanova Marche, take the SS for Tolentino
Save 20-40%

Classic clothing for men and women

Brand names include: Tombolini made with fabrics by Loro Piana and Cerruti
Items include; Shoes, tops, housing accessories, linen, towels and bed linens
suits for men from 39-120 Euro!


Piero Guidi

Via Provinciale, 185
tel 07-2259086
Shieti di Urbino (Ps)
PIERO GUIDI – Official Web Site
Mon-Fri 930-1230 \ 2-7 Saturday 330-630
Highway-Autostrada A14, exit Pesaro, follow for Urbino on 423 until Schieti
Save 20-60%

The shop possesses the entire Piero Guidi collection; purses, and leather accessories, plastic fabrics, and clothing in the same materials. With 20% discounts on currents items and 40-50% off of prevoius season items.

Via Parini,3
tel 07-2259086
San Biagio di Osimo (An)
Tues-Sat 9-1230 \ 330-730 Closed Monday morning
Autostrada-Highway A14, exit Ancona Sud, following to Osimo for 7-8 km
Save 30-50%

Luggage for flights, purses, wallets
They carry these other brand names; Mandarina Duck, Byblos, Marina Yachting, Diesel, Lancetti, Coccinelle, Pierre Cardin—it’s perfect for travellers!

Children’s Clothing

Via Letteria Belardinelli, 6–Zona Zipa
tel 07-31205125
Jesi (An)
Tues-Sat 830-12 \ 330-730 Mondays 330-730
Autostrada-Highway A14, exit Jesi Est–following for Zona Zipa
Save 20%

Skirts, pants, sweaters–casual to elegant–
For children ages 2-14. Sizes to 44, therefore also small sized adults may find somthing to wear.


Calzaturificio Mario Bruni

Via Filippo Turati, 4
tel 07-34890584
Montegranaro (Ap)
Mon-Fri 9-12 \ 3-7 Saturday 9-12
Autostrada-Highway A14 exit Civitanova Marche. take the SS for Montecosaro, exit Montegranaro
Save 10-50%

You’ll find an elegant collection of leather shoes for men. In the classic style made by Mario Bruni

Cesare Paciotti
Via G.B. Cattolica, 1- Zona Industriale B
tel 07-3379061
Civitanova Marche Alta (Mc)
Cesare Paciotti
Mon-Sat 10-12 \ 3-730
Autostrada-Highway A14 exit Civitanova Marche
Save 30%

Cesare Paciotti store, famed for his shoes and small leather products. Shoes found here for men and women of high quality–glamore styles
You’ll also come across the brand names; Heroes and Versus

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