Mondavio is a fascinating town located in the Marche region in the province of Pesaro and Urbano in Italy. This town is located across a hill at a distance of around 20 km from the Adriatic Sea from where the mountains of Catria and Nero are easily visible. A lot of visitors come to see this place and relive the experience of the past history amidst the wonderful landscape, architectural monuments, and artistic nature of this town. Let’s see a few things that you should know about Mondavio, Italy.

Mondavio castle

There are many fascinating historical attractions in this place that includes cathedrals, museums, and art galleries, which are all worth visiting. In addition, it offers some good facilities for accommodation for the tourists where they can sit back and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Getting to Mondavio, Italy

Mondavio is accessible from the airports of Falconara and Rimini and by using train services from Pesaro, Fano, and Senigallia stations in case you are arriving from the north. You can find many bus services, which can take you to Mondavio along with motorway services with exits at Fano and Marotta.

Places of Interest in Mondavio, Italy

Fortress of Mondavio

Inside Mondavio Fortress

As you drive past the many ridges and reach towards the inner land, Mondavio, Italy can be easily identified with its majestic fortress where all the three-tower bells are surrounded by the town hall. The fortress was actually designed by Francesco Giorgio di Martini during the 14th century and the building was commissioned by Giovanni Della Rovere, in addition to the other Duchy castles. The best part about this structure is that it never suffered any attacks so it is still preserved in a good condition. You can see the eight-sided tower overlooking the gigantic fortress, which is joined through a walkway that leads to the semi-circular tower using a bridge to reach the ravelin entrance.

In fact, the tower with the arched gate acts as the first line of defense comprising of a steep slope for reaching the highest tower and the drawbridge. Thus, the fortress is one of the finest examples of well-preserved fortification and one of the masterpieces in Sienna architecture. The internal rooms are still used as exhibition spaces for the display of armory and as a museum.

Church of San Francesco

The Church of San Francesco is one of the significant structures of this region and it has undergone a lot of transformations for centuries. It comprises a simple architecture and Baroque influences can be seen both on the inside and the outside of the church. The façade is made using red brick and traditional antique supported by buttresses on the sides and there are paintings and frescoes inside the church.

Along with this, you can also visit the Church of St. Peter and Paterno, which dates back to the 13th century and was again rebuilt during 1563 and the 18th century. The Church of Santa Maria della Quercia is also worth visiting where you can see some of the nice paintings belonging to the 16th century. Both should be seen in Mondavio, Italy.

Apollo Theater

The construction of this theater took place during the late 18th century at the site of the 15th-century church of San Filippo Blacks and was later expanded during 1887.

Museum of Historical Re-Enactment

Entrance to the Mondavio Fortress

The Museum of historical re-enactment was constructed in the year 1966 by Professor Stephen Mascarucci with the assistance of the local authorities and the Proloco association. This museum comprises five floors including the tower of the fortress Roversca and the upper floor has a display of a collection of pieces of artillery, swords, and different varieties of the armory. There is also a depiction of the scenes taken from the Renaissance period, which have been reconstructed very well using period costumes of the earlier centuries. The banquet hall of torture, the oven, and the stable with horses are some of the most vital scenes depicted here.

Inside the Franciscan monastery, you can come across a museum with exhibits of fascinating paintings along with some ancient books of the Capuchin order.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are plenty of rental properties available in Modavio in the form of apartments where you can get all the possible amenities along with a private entrance and a swimming pool. Some of them even provide facilities such as exclusive parks for the entertainment of children, along with spacious rooms for relaxing and entertainment for adults. There are separate barbeque areas where you can cook your own meal and enjoy the taste of a hot barbeque during the evenings. In addition, there are also hotels available in Modavio where you can get access to all the modern facilities for a comfortable living to enjoy a pleasant vacation amidst the countryside. If you want to avail of some discounts and cheap offers, then it is better to book them in advance so that you can get to stay in rooms of your choice.

Eating Out in Mondavio, Italy

Fotress of Mondavio

You can enjoy the great hospitality and warmth offered by the restaurants in Modavio amidst a calm and quiet ambiance. If you want to taste some of the specialties of the Marche region, you can find them here in some of the finest restaurants, where some of the fresh and local ingredients are used in the preparation. Besides, you can also find some of the best Italian cuisines in the local restaurants of Mondavio, Italy. Apart from good dining facilities, you can also enjoy some great ambiance amidst the countryside and taste some excellent quality wines in these restaurants.


Mondavio, Italy is a great place to enjoy and spend some nice vacations along the countryside surrounded by the scenic landscape of this region. There are many historical attractions for visitors who wish to explore the past history of the region in the form of churches and significant monuments including the fortress. Besides, lovers of art can find some interesting works of art through some of the art galleries and museums. Spend a day exploring some of these sightseeing attractions and relax by the night in some of the best hotels offering a luxurious stay in Mondavio, Italy.

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