Peccioli (Pisa) Tuscany

Peccioli is a small town located in the Tuscany region of Italy in the province of Pisa. Peccioli is located close to Pisa and Florence and is quite a small town with an area of 92 sq km and population of close to 4300. Peccioli is located on top of a hill and the economy here is based mainly on cattle breeding, agriculture, wine production and local industries like clothes and furniture making.

Peccioli was under the jurisdiction of Volterra during the 12th century and was later taken over by Pisa and then later by Florence. Over the centuries Peccioli remained the center of the war between Florence and Pisa and was later annexed to the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

Getting to Peccioli

Visitors coming from other countries or other regions in Italy can take a flight to Florence and reach Peccioli by bus or taxi. The easiest way to reach the town is by bus and there are a few buses that leave for Peccioli from Florence and Pisa at regular intervals on most days of the week. There are also a few buses coming to the the town from other smaller towns and villages in the province. Visitors who have their own cars can reach Peccioli quite easily by road from Pisa and Florence, which are not located very far from the town.

Moving Around the Town

Peccioli San Verano Church

Peccioli is a fairly small town so tourists can easily explore it on foot. Most streets here are not very crowded or traffic congested so are quite enjoyable for walking around. Tourists can also use the local public buses which are used by the locals or can rent mopeds and scooters during their stay in Peccioli. Those who have their own cars can easily drive around the city since parking is easily available almost everywhere and traffic is not much of a problem.

Attractions in Peccioli

Fortress of Catruccio Castracani

The most important place to visit in Peccioli is the fortress of Catruccio Castracani. The fortress was built in the middle ages and the town had developed around the fortress. Only the ruins of the fortress are remaining today. The ruin of the fort is surrounded by various olive trees, hills and vineyards and is located at a picturesque location. The ruins are open for visitors for exploration and one can still find the elements of architecture which were typical to this region in the 12th century.

The Historic Center

The historic center of Peccioli is like most found in the smaller Tuscan villages and towns. The center of the town is quite compact with narrow streets lined with small shops. The alleys and streets are surrounded by oddly shaped old houses that have been standing here since centuries. There are also a few important monuments and a few churches in this quarter of the town which can be visited by tourists.

Saint Verano Church

Peccioli, Palazzo Pretorio

The Saint Verano Church is located in the center of the historic town and was built in the 14th century. The architecture of the church of Saint Verano is quite interesting since it is a mix of Romanesque as well as Pisan style of architecture. The interiors of the church are decorated with ornately designed art pieces. From the church visitors can also enter an oratory which is worth visiting. The oratory has beautifully painted ceilings and several frescoes which portray various Biblical scenes.

The Museum of Russian Icons

The Museum of Russian Icons is an interesting place to visit. The museum has a collection of twenty Russian icons that date back to the 14th to the 20th centuries. The museum is housed in Praetorian Palace and the collection was donated to the museum by a journalist.

Saint Colombano Feast

The Saint Colombano feast is held in Peccioli every year in September. The feast includes a religious procession and mass in honor of Saint Colombano. After the procession and the mass, a feast is organized for the locals. Visitors who come to Peccioli in September can get a chance to visit the feast and taste some traditional delicacies and local pastries. Locally made wines are also served during the feast.

Stay and Accommodation

Peccioli is not a very large town or a tourist place so there are very few hotels located in the town. There are only a few small hotels which are housed in old villas and homes and are run by local families. Most tourists that visit Peccioli come here as a day excursion from Pisa. Tourists generally prefer to stay in Pisa; however, those planning to stay in Peccioli can try some hotels like hotel Portavaldera La Rondine and Tenuta di Pratello. Those who are planning to stay in Peccioli for longer can rent a holiday home or a small villa.

Peccioli, Cappella Santa Caterina

Eating in Peccioli

Peccioli only has a few good options for eating out. There are only a handful of good restaurants, pizzerias, osterias and bars located in the town where locals generally like to eat. Most of these restaurants serve regional dishes and Tuscan food. There are a few good bars in Peccioli which serve traditional appetizers and local wines. Visitors coming to Murlo should also try the local cheeses and the traditional pastries which are available in most food shops and bakeries. Some good restaurants to try in Peccioli are Ristorante Salvadori, La Greppia, Ristorante Ponte, and Golart Osteria Enoteca.

Shopping in Peccioli

Peccioli does not really have many shopping districts. The best things to purchase in Peccioli are extra virgin olive oil, locally made clothes and wine since the town is mainly famous for the production of these three items and especially for its wines. Quite a lot of liquor shops in the town sell the local varieties of wines as well as other types of liquors. Clothes can be purchased from the center of the town where there are also a few shops where visitors can purchase locally made souvenirs, pottery, gift items and wooden sculptures.

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