Marettimo blue grotto

Among the Aegadian islands, Marettimo is the second largest island known for its natural beauty, which attracts visitors coming to this scenic spot. This island is located across the West coast of Sicily at a distance of around 40 kms surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The clean and unspoilt beaches along with the scenic beauty of the mountains here offer lot of opportunities for exploring this island. This island is quite remote and offers lot of peace and tranquility amidst its pristine surroundings.

You can find lot of mountains and greenery on this island as compared to the other nearby islands. There are some nice sandy beaches along with other natural attractions for exploring with trekking and hiking activities for those seeking some fun and adventure.


How to Reach Marettimo

If you planning to travel to Marettimo, then you can easily find flights from across Europe which can take you to Trapani. After reaching Trapani, you can use the hydrofoil services to reach Marettimo.


Local attractions on Marettimo

Monte Falcone

Monte Falcone offers a complete panoramic view of the island and the nearby areas located close to this region. This is one of the highest peaks of the Marettimo island with an elevation of around 686 meters just above the sea level.


Casa Roman Settlement

Panorama of Marettimo

Here you can catch a glimpse of the ruins belonging to the ancient Romans and also get some stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from the peak. There is also an old Byzantine church found along this island dating back to the 12th century, which implies the presence of Greeks on this island during Medieval times.


Punta Troia

You can see some of the ruins of the Spanish castle belonging to the 17th century in Punta Troia. This place is built over the foundation of a Saracen watchtower of the 9th century. It is believed that in the 18th century this place was used as a dungeon. If you wish to see this spot, then you may have to go through a rugged and steep trail but it is definitely one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the excellent sunrise or sunset.


Scala Nuovo

Scala Nuovo is the spot where the hydrofoil arrives from Trapani to Marettimo and towards the north, you can catch a beautiful glimpse of the Punta Troia.


Scala Vecchio

Old harbor of Marettimo

Scala Vecchio is the harbor through which fishing boats go across the Mediterranean Sea and it is located near the other side of the island.


Village of Marettimo

The village of Marettimo is situated in the plain land along the eastern side of the island amidst the limestone cliffs, which rise upto the surroundings of the island and the deep forests. The local inhabitants of this island are the fishermen who live here and most of the visitors coming to this place live in temporary accommodations offered in this village. There are almost 150 people who come to visit this island but during August, there is almost a ten-fold increase in the population.


Interesting Activities on Marettimo

Walking and Hiking

You can come across plenty of walking trails on this island leading to the nearby hills and forests, which are abundant with rich flora and fauna. There are almost 500 species of plants found on this island with a few rare and endangered species existing in these forests. Aleppo pines are very commonly seen in the forests along with some flowering plants. You can catch a fantastic view of these plant species from the walking trails. Besides there are also animals such as deer and wild boars also commonly seen on this island.


Boating Around the Caves

The best way to explore some of these grottos is through boating activities and you can find many such caves amidst the cliffs. Grotto del Cammello is one of the most beautiful caves of this island offering a wonderful glimpse of the small and pebbled beach here. Grotto del Tuono is another interesting cave, which can be found on this island. Grotto Perciata is also a beautiful cave worth exploring where you can find the rocks in the form of waves and wind. There are tiny coves on this island where once can enjoy swimming activities and if you are fortunate, you may be able to spot dolphins in this interesting spot.



If you are interesting in diving and snorkeling activities, then you can enjoy a unique experience of participating in such great adventures on this island. Besides, it also provides you with a great opportunity to explore the history of this island by searching for remains of different eras across the sea bed. It is believed that the Statue of Satyr was discovered from this spot. As you go deep inside the waters on a diving journey, you will be able to find a rich marine life full of different species ranging from fishes, algae, corals, sponge fish which look simply amazing inside the waters.


Food and Drinking

Fishermen in Marettimo

Marettimo is a small island so you will be able to spot quite a few restaurants here serving the best variety of sea food. Tuna, swordfish and sardines are used in most of the local cuisine offered on the menu of the well-known restaurants. Majority of the dishes comprise of seafood out of which fish with couscous is considered to be the favorite among the people coming here. You can also find some bars here where fresh drinks are served to the customers. Gelatos are also very tasty here found in most of the local ice cream parlors and small bars.


Shopping on Marettimo

In Marettimo, you can get some good quality of wild honey including some lovely smelling herbs such as rosemary, thyme, purple heather and carry it as gifts for your loved ones.



Day trippers can visit this beautiful island of Marettimo and enjoy some best moments during their trip to Sicily and explore the natural beauty of this region. This remote island with peaceful surroundings is the best place to spend your vacation.

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