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Italy moto tour June 2023 info

Italy Moto Tour June 3-11 2023


  1. Reserve the Bike at BIKE RENTAL :   https://desmorent.com/  ask for Roberto ( or email [email protected] ) – Should be done ASAP

2. Book your flight. ( I only fly United nonstop Washington-Rome when available ) 1 to 4 months before trip

3. Reserve an Air BnB in Rome Preferably in the areas of Trastevere / Monteverde Vecchio / Gianicolo ( Hotel Gianicolo is nearby and in a good area – Or look for AirBnb ) Make sure you book a refundable place: Booking in Rome should be done 1 month before trip – Booking in Bolsena can wait

This trip is not an organized tour.   If you want to do an organized motorcycle tour of Italy, there are plenty of options on Google.  This is a friendly ride, using my knowledge of the countryside, to plan routes and destinations with like-minded riders through some of the most beautiful parts of Central Italy.  There is no backup vehicles or support, and all riders are responsible for their own safety, rentals, incidentals and/or medical expenses. We will be riding highways and secondary roads and also some dirt roads to experience the beautiful Italian Countryside to get to small towns and villages along the way.

I will be in Rome starting June 1st 2023 ( or May 31st 2023)

We can meet for tourism in Rome ( or around Rome if you already have a bike ) so please book a place in Rome

June 3 2023. We will be moving toward Bolsena ( probably following a sigh-seeing route )

June 4-11 2023. We will be taking routes from Bolsena ( if we agree on we might organize a two days route – if not we will loop from Bolsena to Tuscany / Umbria / Maybe Abruzzo on the mountains )

Bolsena is pretty inexpensive but wait to book here

 In order to make the trip affordable and independent, this will be a self-guided tour & ride based on my experience and knowledge of the area.  Everyone will be responsible for organizing the trip for themselves, including flight and hotel reservations, and a motorcycle rental.

The purpose of riding together in this group is that we will be able to plan activities together, yet have the flexibility to do your own thing.  When we all get to Rome, we will meet up at a designated spot for lunch or dinner, and plan how to spend some time exploring Rome together, at the same time, each member can also opt to do activities by themselves since Rome has plenty of amazing opportunities.


  1. Ride at your own risk, riding in foreign places is always riskier than riding at home
  2. Come to Enjoy the trip and be flexible, many unforeseen changes can happen.
  3.  Only experienced riders are welcome.  Last year an early crash forced the cancelation of the trip, and we had to return the bike a few days into the tour, which entailed a lot of hardship and going out of the way.  Riding in cities in Italy is more challenging than riding in US cities due to heavy traffic and erratic drivers!!!
  4.  Riding in and out of Rome, Florence and other major cities could be challenging. Countryside riding is similar to riding in the USA countryside.
  5. An international Drivers’ License/Permit is required by Italian Authorities, your U.S. Drivers’ License is not valid.  International Drivers Permit can be done at AAA for a fee.  
  6. Health Insurance:  Italy has state-run healthcare and it is free for all European Citizens.  Each should check his own situation.  According to Italian law: “ If you are temporarily present, for a period not exceeding 90 days (e.g. tourist), you can take advantage of urgent and elective health services upon payment of the relative regional rates. ( which are usually very inexpensive when compared to US cost of healthcare)



Breakfast :  Breakfast in Italy is sweet: Cappuccino / Coffee and croissants. (even McDonald is not serving sausages or bacon in the morning)

Lunch / Dinner : In Italy, outside of main cities and towns, offers only Italian Food, so be prepared.  Restaurants do not have individual checks, normally we take the bill and divide it by the number of persons so anybody who eats a lot extra should put in a little more, but basically, in Italy, we split.  Anybody who wants to nick and dime for a dollar difference should join a full-service Tour that will have all expenses included.

BIKE RENTAL :   https://desmorent.com/  ask for Roberto

Here are the prices. https://desmorent.com/prices/

Note that only about 100 miles a day is included in the price. However we might be able to negotiate that once we have a group.

MORE INFORMATION ON THE TRIP. https://lifeinitaly.com/italy-motorcycle-tours/

INFO ON BOLSENA AREA.     https://lifeinitaly.com/exploring-bolsena-and-the-surrounding-region/

DATES.   JUNE 7 2023 to June 18 2023 ( June 7-9 Rome. June 10-18 Bolsena and Central Italy)

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